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Abigail López was immersed in the arts prior to discovering her passion for being a psychic. She was also an owner of a sophisticated boutique in Chelsea. While she was busy managing her business, Abigail admits that she found it quite difficult not to be drawn to reading her customers. At the same time, she felt that customers were naturally drawn to her place, as a venue where they could leave feeling good about themselves.

She treated her business not just as an income generating activity, but an experience that she desired to share with her customers. Often, people left her store with their retail items and a reading. It took some time before Abigail finally decided to devote all her time to helping people. It was only when she received a good dose of encouragement from those that she had been able to help in the past that she became convinced that it was her calling to be a Psychic.

Background and Training

Every time someone would ask how Abigail was able to discover and nurture her abilities, she would always say that all of it is innate to her. Her spirit guides have always been part of her life. She considers them as friends that she can confide in. One of her ultimate guides is a British man who was once a popular actor and director. Her guides made it possible for her to learn things about a person without hearing it directly from them.

However, Abigail had to undergo intense and comprehensive training to further explore the scope of her abilities. This can be compared to a radio dial, wherein she has to practice turning the volume up and down to attune to the world that connects with her. She also searched for ways of filtering the different voices and accents of the spirits that she hears. She learned to be sensitive to any scent that may linger in the room which may help her recognize their presence. She then discovered that the most effective method for her to connect with the spirits is known as Automatic Writing. She uses a computer or pen in order to channel the information that she obtains from the energy that she perceives.

What Can Abigail Do For You?

People who seek help from Abigail usually want to experience a big change in their lives. They want to discover ways on how to move forward to achieve the change that they want. Some may be pondering on trying a new business opportunity, seeking confirmation on whether to keep holding on to a relationship, or maybe looking for the strength to move on and find something better than the things they have at present.

Some clients may be hoping to connect with a lost loved one. Some may feel that the people that they highly value are present, but they have a difficult time connecting with them. By using her abilities, Abigail serves as an instrument to establish a strong connection with such spirits.

The readings that Abigail performs are personalized. She meets her clients one-on-one or through phone or the Internet. She asks the person if they have any specific concerns, may it be about their career, love life, or other personal matters. She sometimes asks questions during the reading if there is a need to go deeper, especially if she feels that there is something that is holding the person back from truly connecting and achieving the goals they have set for the session.

Abigail is careful in making predictions that are expected to take place 6 months into the future. Things may occur that can create new patterns which will affect the prediction. She prefers to focus on the present. She also doesn’t filter or change the information that she obtains. She makes sure that the client is well-informed especially if the reading will reveal information that may be too complex or distressing to handle in one session. It is her job to ensure that the client goes home in a positive mood.

What do Abigail’s clients say about her?

A quick visit to Abigail’s website named “Readings with Abigail” will give you a glimpse of how well she works with her clients. The people whom she has helped in the past describe her as someone who is professional, caring, smart, humorous, and inspirational. She serves as a bright light to people who are lost in the dark phases of their lives. People find great comfort in her words, so much so that many shifted from having single sessions with her to acquiring packages. Her soothing and straightforward approach has enabled her to bring calmness to all the people that she has worked with. If you are a person who needs clarity in the path that you need to take in life, Abigail López is ready to help you sort things out.


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