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Angela Lusk is an expert Psychic, Intuitive Counselor, and Spiritual Counselor. She has over 20 years of professional experience, has an international clientele, and is a popular radio show guest in the USA. Angela uses her psychic gifts to perform readings, spiritual counseling, and telephone or internet readings to people from all walks of life and all around the world.


How Angela Discovered Her Gift

About 20 years ago, Angela was sitting in her kitchen when a startling realization seized her. She knew with certainty that her then 58-year old Mother was going to die in the next three months. She did everything to make it go away. Everyday she would check on her mother, and amazingly, she sounded just fine. Still, Angela knew deep within her heart that her mother would be leaving them soon.

Three months later, Angela called her mother to check on her. Her mother said that she felt like she was coming down with a cold and wanted to rest. Her mother asked her to call back. Angela knew that it was the moment that she feared. As predicted, her mother would go to sleep and would never open her eyes again. That prediction shook Angela to the core. However, it didn’t make sense how she could know of an event before it even happened. She spent the next year studying Psychic phenomena, looking for answers and the truth.

Angela started reading for her friends and loved ones as practice. Later on, she began doing professional readings. She has been a guest on numerous radio shows throughout the country. Angela serves an international clientele. Her clients marvel at the accuracy and immediacy of her readings. People have come to Angela for solid, practical, and relevant advice.

Angela is an Esteemed Member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, and has been tested and certified as a Professional Psychic.


What Can Angela Do For You?

Angela Lusk offers Psychic and Spiritual Counseling. What makes Angela stand out from other Psychics is the accuracy of her readings which usually happen within 2 to 3 months after the session. Angela offers the following services:

  • Psychic Readings

If you are seeking for answers, or wish to know what you can expect in the coming days, then a Psychic Reading is for you. A Psychic Reading can help you see and assess your situation from new and intuitive eyes. A Reading session can give you the clarity and peace of mind that you have been seeking. It can help give you a new perspective when your life seems to be at a standstill.

Angela can do personal and phone readings by appointment. Her rates are very reasonable, considering the priceless insights and knowledge that you can get from a reading.

  • Spiritual Guidance

With the help of her Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, Angela can provide guidance and direction in your life. She will help you navigate the twists and corners of your journey. Sometimes, all we need is a nudge to the right direction. Having the right guidance, you can confidently face every challenge and bump in your life. It gives you the tools that you will need to reach your goals and purpose here on this Earth.

  • Spiritual Counseling

Are you going through a dark stage in your life? Do you feel like all hope is gone and that all you want to do is give up? Let Angela and her Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels help you. Spiritual well-being is an important aspect of our lives. A person’s well-being is often equated to his physical, mental, and spiritual state. When our Spiritual state is a mess, it is often reflected in what’s happening in our lives. It is also manifested in the state of our physical health. Feed your Spirit, and cultivate your intuition. It can lead to your complete healing – physical, mental, and spiritual.


Call Angela Lusk now and take control of your life!

Angela can serve you, wherever you are on the globe. She can do both phone and internet readings.

If you need guidance and counseling, and you want to change your life for the better, contact Angela today. Take charge of your life, for we are not without the tools and help that we need as we walk through our life here on Earth. Angela and her Angels are here to show you the way, and help you live the amazing life that was always meant for you.


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