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I am a Spiritual Messenger, a Psychic, and a Healer. Wherever you are at in your life journey right now, through my Spiritual Readings I can connect to your energy field and offer you profound messages into what is going on behind what appears to be a hardship, a feeling of being stuck, a setback, relationships issues, a lack of purpose and meaning, a need to gain clarity, a search for new answers, or even just to strengthen your spiritual connection. I am skilled at guiding my clients through all of those things and more!

I am also a psychic medium, an indigo, and an empath. So, I naturally feel a person’s energy (I am clairsentient ) and know what they need to know (I am claircognizant ). As a clairvoyant I can get visions and images, and as a clairaudient I hear words while reading their energy. I have been and Angel Communicator since I can remember!

The guidance I receive for my clients always comes from a place of unconditional love whether from the angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, departed loved ones, or from their mighty Higher Self. The messages invite creative and constructive insights that can support you on your path to wholeness.

My mission is to help others connect to their true power. You see, when you have access to your true power, you can then find it easier to navigate through life’s challenges, transmuting them into evolutionary opportunities that will greatly benefit you. In fact, life’s troubles are not meant to hinder us but to open us to a higher and higher degree of awareness and love.

My clients find me particularly gifted as a Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive in helping them enhance their own spiritual connection and find clarity and peace within their lives. When you start getting a glimpse of who you really are, your outlook on yourself, life, people, events, and circumstances will shift accordingly to a more elevated place of understanding. I am sincerely committed to the best possible outcome for all of my clients and I give it all in the spirit of sharing and helping.

Over the past two decades and then some, I have been trained in several different healing, psychic, and spiritual modalities among which: meditation, Reiki, dream work, energy healing, Strategic Intervention Coaching – specializing in Life Coach and Love & Realtionships, and Angel Therapy.

My most impactful teachings come directly from the angels and archangels, some ascended masters, and from my Higher Self. This includes having been spiritually trained to create The Befriend Method in a time when my own world felt like it was falling apart… during my separation. This blissful method teaches how to connect effectively to your Higher Self and its unconditional love to dissolve the effects of negative emotions, all sorts of blocks, and the traumas we carry within. That will result in an in-depth cleansing of your energy field of limiting beliefs and destructive patterns that will greatly smooth your life experience.

In all of my services and products – such as The Befriend Method Online Course, The Inner Journeys Guided Meditations, Meet Your Guardian Angels, in all my books, etc. – I strive to help my clients know themselves better and find peace, accessing unconditional love and our God-given, natural joy.

Please note: the messages I receive are given as they come. How you are going to use the information is totally up to you. Please come to our session with an open mind and heart as sometimes you will hear what you need to hear for your best interest instead of what you want to hear.


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