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    I am so happy to meet you! Wherever you are in your life, the angels and spirit guides have precious messages for you to assist with your present issues, whether you need some clarity for making an important decision, a deeper insight into a relationship, or you want to know about your health, business, finances, life purpose and the direction of your path, or something else.

    I’d be honoured to support you in your quests, and I am greatly skilled for this mission! I am gifted as a natural born psychic (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant), an indigo, an empath, an angel communicator, and a medium. I am sincerely committed to the best possible outcome for all of my clients, so they can find clarity and real understanding. My style is easy going and friendly.

    Rest assured that spiritual perspective is always constructive, meaningful, and uses life’s troubles to help you grow into a better person. All messages come from unconditional love. They are offered to improve the quality of your life, inside and out. They will help you identify and remove blocks, fears, limiting beliefs, and pierce through the confusion that we all go through sometimes. Please come to our session with an open mind and heart, as you will hear what you need to hear for your best interests.

    For over two decades, I have been trained in several different healing, psychic, and spiritual modalities to refine my natural abilities. I studied and got certified in: meditation, psychic development, Reiki, dream work, energy healing, chakra balancing, Angel Therapy, Strategic Intervention Coaching – with 350 hours certified – specializing in Life Coach and Love & Relationships, and more.

    On my website, I also offer wonderful services and products, such as connect to your guardian angels, learn their names and what their precise mission is with you; spiritual intuitive consulting, where I share the best of what I know paired with my intuition and spiritual guidance to work privately with clients who want to take their spiritual path to the next level and beyond!  I am the founder of The Befriend Method, which is my signature transformational method for you to learn how to access the divine presence within, dissolving limiting beliefs, fears, and obstacles while getting more and more attuned to unconditional love, so you can love all of yourself. The Befriend Method helps you to welcome any feeling or emotion – even the negative ones – and, in fact, using their energy to connect to love! I teach this privately, in workshops, and as an online course.  Lastly, I created amazing guided meditations and books meant to encourage you and empower you. Please come visit!


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