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Love, health, career, location, destiny, important decision making…and more!

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I Can Tell You:  

1) Love: what your partner likes / desires / needs

2) Career: I can tell you what career best suits your energy right now. How to improve productivity, the best way to see yourself and the people who you are involved with,  who is best equipped to be in charge …

3) Specifics about locations / products / investments / relationships…the best physician for you, best lawyer / teacher and people’s thoughts and feelings…

4) Afterlife:  about pets and loved ones Both in this world and in the spirit world.  Angels, spirit protectors, animal spirit protectors, visitations with entities, beings and anything unexplained.

5) Compatibility: Between couples / family members / employees / anyone

Specifics about people’s disposition / personality /  health / attitude / desires  / what their purpose in your life is.    

About me:

Hi everyone! My name is Ashala Lynn aka Cosmic Sister and its my pleasure to help you.  I am one of only 15,000 people left on Earth with a very rare and specialized knowledge of the sacred Native American Astrological system from the Maya Kiche Tribe of Guatemala.

Also I work with dowser and am able to provide accurate insightful information almost immediately that often gives clients instant relief!


*  I studied Radiesthesia for opening energy fields and chakras with world renowned Doctor Edith Brow in Colorado in 1991.  Private research in the field of radiesthesia 1991-2017.
*    I studied Mayan Astrology and Mayan science with the Mayan people in Guatemala and translated two important Kiche Mayan prayer documents. I  have conducted international private research about the accuracy of Mayan horoscopes worldwide  2000 – 2017.

*sister did Cosmic Mayan calendar reading for me –oh my god it was incredibly spot on Some things i just am not sure how She Knew, but These were just my thoughts, beliefs, thoughts i have never even ADMITTED to anyone. Oh my god i am spooked. slightly different than It Regularly psychic reading, but it is very accurate, whatever it is!

* You are the best! On point! Cosmicsister, read me, my mom and dad and I can honestly say she knows her stuff all three were very accurate, siblings are up next and I have three :), dad was very pleased with his reading.
2wings, Raleigh

* One of the Most REAL, Genuine, Warm and Caring person I have come across in my life. She truly cares about you and wants to guide you as best as she possibly can. Beyond a psychic, she’s a friend and a counselor. My only favorite and the most amazing person I have met who is a reader! 🙂
meenaansari1992, USA 

* She is awesome and very good at what she does the best so far ……..
isabelbx, nyc

I have never seen someone as amazing as her . everything she said was absolutely on point. thank you!
Maxine , springfield | 08/01/2013 14:58:23

Wow! Cosmic Sister we are truly friends forever and I am honored To Have met you. Your reading was so enlightening, inspiring and truly incredible! I will see you in the dreamworld and here we will assist others to move into the light and to be Their life here living in truth, love and harmony. You are so accurate, generous, bubbly and beautiful. I will recommend you to all I can. Te Aroha (Maori for love and goodby) Sherry
scorpio13, Adelaide

* Wonderful person, very warm reader. Honest and accurate-everyone must give her a try. Thank you for your time and insight Cosmicsister. Many blessings to you. 
Destiny68, USA

CosmicSister is amazing, she got it all exact and gave me insights, reconfirmed things too! 
Lolabe11a, Phoenix

She is spot on and incredibly wonderful! Reconnecting …. :))) Lolabe11a, Phoenix Wonderful! :))) 
Lolabe11a, Phoenix

Wow! CosmicSister was right on about my personality, my life and everything about me. THANK YOU! 
wonderfulriggs, Gilbertsville, PA

I understand a lot more now That is going on. I have been troubled for some time .. Very good reading! I will come back again. I think this has Brought a new light to my problems. 
kelley1267, Tulsa

She was very energetic and gave a very good description of my personality, character, and goals. She was very down to earth and quick with her ​​answers. I enjoyed this reading
Ernest , Burnsville, MN | 2013-06-24 16:55:25

World Famous Mayan Astrology Life Path Readings!! Perfect for those who have no questions and want to know more about their path in life.  *  The duration is around one hour.  *     It is based on your birthday  *     This reading reveals your destiny, talents, life purpose,  life lessons and more…! Its fun for individuals, couples and the entire family!

*  Compatibility studies for couples and families are  also available.

Plus I Offer World Famous Psychic Readings with Dowsing,  Clair-sentience,  Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.

For those of you who have specific Questions about Relationships,  Love, Career, Locations,  Health, Family….and more….I do dowsing -(radiesthesia) to get answers.  We can look into anything on your mind…important decisions, are you at the crossroads and wondering what path to take?….Giving clarity in moments like this is my specialty!

I have over 25 years experience in the field and welcome you to read over 200 of my reviews on my site


Disclaimer:  I do not give lottery numbers or say when you will have a relationship or a soulmate or when you will get married or rich. 

My  Future Predictions:

With the Kiche Mayan Astrology, I am able to look at someones life and tell you what I see happening throughout the entire lifetime in terms of past , present and future influences.  The information starts from the time a person is conceived inside the womb of their mother until  they pass to the other dimensions. It is uplifting, empowering,  inspiring and accurate.

A few Clients of mine from 15 years ago have contacted me recently telling me that the Mayan information about their life ended up all coming true for them and their family 15 years later.  Just as I had predicted with their Mayan astral charts.   In the most blessed and wonderful way.  Myself and others can confirm that for us personally the mayan prophesies and mayan predictions have proved to be surprisingly accurate.

How I work:

I use tools to  answers your questions to suit the individual needs of each client.  I use the pendulum, the Kiche Mayan Calendar,  clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience.  With pendulum all I need usually is the first name of whoever or whatever you want to know more about along with a specific question.  For  the  Mayan Astrology reading  all I need is day month and year of birth.





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