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When Carole was young, she did not consider mediumship to be a gift. After years of blocking it, and feeling uncomfortable about it, she knows now how blessed she is to see, hear and feel the love, the humor, and the caring from those on the other side and to be able to share their messages with their loved ones here. She can never fully express how much this means to her… to let someone know they are not alone… that they are loved… to tell them they are deeply appreciated and cared for. When you have a reading with Carole, she shares it all with you, so you will know.

Carole is an internationally known Medium and Healer. Carole receives training to develop and improve her skills under the guidance of many gifted teachers including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, John Holland, and many more.Carole has traveled to other countries to work with some of the best Mediums in the world.  She has also traveled to train at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College, a place for in-depth study of mediumship. Carole does not take this gift for granted and continues to study, hone her skills and nourish this gift. She does this so that you will have heartfelt and rewarding readings. She prepares daily to serve as a bridge between you and those on the other side.

“This is a calling. This is what I am grateful for.” ~ Carole Grace

Carole’s intention is to provide you with a sense of peace and comfort at each of your sessions together. Each time it is an adventure and neither one knows where it will take you; but hand in hand you two will discover together what is there is to learn, to integrate and to unfold.

Carole treats this work as sacred, and seeks only the best for those who come to her for readings. She is an evidential medium. She will tell you what she is seeing, feeling and hearing. If you want to know everything, you will be given pure, uncensored information.

The love we share in this world does continue into the spiritual realm. Love is eternal, the soul is eternal.

The question is do you want to know everything?



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Carole Grace
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