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Cate Coffelt of CATE COMMUNICATES® is a natural born evidential Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator. Bridging Souls, whether human or animal, in the physical world or from beyond, she offers both psychic medium and animal communication services.

She is an Animal Intuitive, a Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Intuitive, Remote Viewer, and a Spiritual Counselor. She finds beauty and fulfilment in the healing that her work provides to people who need to communicate with the other side. It is her passion and mission to connect people and their loved ones, providing guidance for their future.

Background and Beginnings

Cate grew up in a strictly religious home and family. Her beliefs limited and narrowed her views while growing up, especially on things that concerned the Spirit. Cate’s first encounter with Spirit was when she was the tender age of five. She woke up to see her grandmother appear at the foot of her bed.

Later that day, her family would receive a call informing them that her grandmother had passed away. As one can imagine, the experience scared the young Cate. Through the years, she had various, unexplainable experiences. She had dreams that eventually came true. Sometimes, she would know of events even before they happened. She attributed all these things to pure coincidence and pushed them to the back of her mind.

Her psychic experiences were not limited to humans; she also had the same experiences with animals. Cate has always loved her furry friends and found comfort in them while growing up. She usually found herself talking with every animal that she ran into. Furry parents were amazed at how their pets would instantly warm up to her. What was even more surprising was that these were often not the friendliest of pets and were often wary with strangers.

It was not until later in life that Cate would finally accept her Psychic gifts wholeheartedly. She confided in someone close about her coincidental visions and dreams. As a trusted counselor and intuitive himself, he suggested that she had Spiritual and Psychic gifts, all of which she just naively and quickly dismissed. Her religious upbringing prevented her from exploring her Psychic and Spiritual side. Her years of working in the corporate world and raising a daughter on her own had not allowed her the time and opportunity to fully explore her natural gifts.

Later on, a friend asked her a very serious question about her future. Her friend, who knew of her past intuitive experiences, thought she could help her. During their conversation, which turned to a Psychic session, they instantly realized that her friend’s loved one from the other side was communicating through Cate. This was the moment that Cate accepted her gifts as a special gift from God, and that it was a blessing to be able to share her gifts of communicating with the Spirit or with pets.

Cate is a strong believer in the importance of continuous development and learning. Her dedication to serve other people pushes her to strengthen her gifts. She’s learned from various teachers and healers in Los Angeles. She has mentored with Thomas John, studied with Andy Byng and was enrolled in the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD).

What can Cate do for you?

Cate considers it a great honor to serve and share her Spiritual gifts with others. She offers the following services:

• Medium Reading
As a Psychic Medium, Cate believes that it is her divine mission to bring through validations and beautiful messages of love, hope, and healing from your loved ones from the other side. These messages from Spirit can be a transformative experience for some.

Receiving messages from loved ones in Spirit, both human and animal, may help people to move forward and heal. It also brings a feeling of being loved and being watched over by deceased loved ones. It establishes a strong Spiritual connection which can never be broken, even by death itself.

• Psychic Reading
If you have questions about family, love, career, and other important matters in life, then a Psychic Reading is for you. Even though the future is never set in stone and can change, Cate can peek into your past and present to provide guidance and insight for your future.

• Animal Communication and Pet Medium Reading
Is your pet acting strange? Is your pet having a difficult time adjusting to a new situation or experiencing behavioral issues? Has your pet recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge? Cate is passionate in sharing with people their pet’s messages. A reading can provide you a deeper and more meaningful connection with your furry friends.
Once you see the reasons for your pet’s behavioral pattern, you can further strengthen your bond with your extended family. If your pet has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, Cate can help you communicate with them to soothe your grieving heart.

Book a session with Cate now and communicate with your loved ones (and pets too)!
She offers phone readings and is also available for private group events or spirit circles. Spirit Circle are composed of no more than 8 persons.


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Cate Coffelt
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This is a small group demonstration held every first Friday night of the month at Crystal Matrix.

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