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A Mystic woman – a woman with innate powers who can see the things that our eyes can never see. These are Spirits, the essence of our loved ones and relatives, who have gone over to the next life. Meet Jill M. Jackson, also popularly known as The Mississippi Medium. Jill is a world-renowned, award winning Psychic Medium. Jill uses her clairvoyant, clairaudient, and a claircognizant gifts to become a clear and open channel, connecting with the Spirit realm and receiving messages. Jill can hear specific names and initials for people she reads or sees for. These can be names of deceased loved ones, a spirit guide or people who will be entering soon in your life.

Background and Training

Jill has 11 years of experience as a Psychic and Medium. She is a Spiritual teacher, Author & Speaker as well as a Spiritual Intuitive, Empath & Lightworker. A Lightworker is someone who wishes to see healing for the whole world, who can detect subtle healing energy & has a mystical awakening. They are here on Earth for a sacred purpose and they have volunteered before the birth, to help the planet heal from fear. During her childhood, Jill was able to see Spirits and recognized this as a gift from the Universe. As a Spiritual Teacher, her students describe her as a gifted, caring, gentle, supportive and knowledgeable teacher and mentor.

Jill has had intense, extensive and diverse training in deepening her spirituality & expanding her knowledge and skills in mysticism. Each course and study has not only improved her powers but also strengthened and deepened her connection with the Spirits. She has also received prestigious awards for being active and excellent in her field of expertise.

  1. She received her Past Life Certificate from Mary Elizabeth Raines at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training.
  2. She is also a certified Reiki Master. She was trained and certified by Joan Darlene of the Hands of Healing Reiki. Her training instilled in her a greater sense of connection with the Spirit.
  3. She was certified in Tarot Reading by Wanda Selling, a reader with over 40 years of experience.
  4. Jill is also a certified Animal Communicator and was trained under Lori Spagna.
  5. She studied Advance Mediumship with Mavis Patilla, Janet Nohavec, Collin Bates and John Holland.
  6. She has also studied at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.
  7. Jill was awarded as Psychic of the Year 2015 and 2016 by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics.
  8. She was also awarded the BAP Social Activism in 2014 by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics.

How Can Jill Help You

Jill offers her superb expertise for the following services:

  1. Mediumship Readings – To provide connection to your family members, friends and special persons that have crossed over to the next life.
  2. Psychic Readings – To provide connection for you and to your Spirit guide in aligning you with your destined journey in this life.
  3. Psychic Investigation – To provide pro-bono assistance for missing person cases, murder cases and unsolved cold cases. She has put together a great and talented team of Psychic and Mediums worldwide to help her in this philanthropic endeavor. (It’s Jill’s way of giving back for the Mystical gifts given to her.)
  4. Speaking Engagement on the following topics:
  5. Surviving and Navigating the New Energies
  6. Tapping into your Own Intuition
  7. Children of the Golden Rays (The New Psychic Kids)
  8. I Wish I Could Tell You (What your loved ones wanted to tell you from the other side of life.)
  9. Angels after Death (Do we turn into Angels after death?)
  10. Classes and Workshops on
  11. Psychic Development Levels 1 & 2
  12. Mediumship Intermediate and Advanced Levels
  13. Mentorship Program for developing Mediums and Psychic (Three month duration.)

Jill can help you with matters on love, money, career, and health, but her greatest passion is to guide each of you to connect with your authentic and true self. This enables for an awakening to your full and greatest potential, which can lead to a fulfilling and more exciting life. She has the wonderful gift of connecting soul to soul, and her clients describe her sessions as amazing, healing and transforming. She finds peace and solace when she is surrounded by nature, and she considers herself a Mother Earth Sensitive.

Get in Touch Today!

Jill is an open conduit and receives valuable messages and information no matter where you live. She can do readings for people from other cities, states, and countries. She has, in fact, served 57 countries. She also offers in person readings in the Mississippi area, via telephone, Skype, and email. She can be reached by phone through 601-706-9644. You can email her at admin@jillmjackson.com. You can connect with her on social media, and she is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some of the people we love leave this world with things left unsaid. These things can leave us restless and searching for answers. Connect with someone you love from the other side, or seek guidance from your Spirit guides. Call Jill today, and connect to the Spirit realm, or have your destiny read, and see a new world unfold before you.



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Jill M. Jackson
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Jill M. Jackson
  • By Jill M. Jackson
  • Phone: 601-706-9644
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Jill M. Jackson
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Join Jill every third Tuesday evening from 8-9pm EST on Women-4-Women Talk Radio, the largest women’s talk radio station on the planet!

Listen Live! http://w4wn.com/radio-shows/best-of-the-best

As a featured guest host on Shay Parker’s Best of the Best, Jill brings you engaging guests, spiritual topics, hot psychic predictions, and free psychic readings. Callers are welcome and you may also join Jill in the show’s chat room!
Call in during a live broadcast to receive your free psychic reading or healing question by dialing 1-225-209-6188! You may also join the live chat room located at W4WN.com.
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Mystic and Medium Asheville

Psychic and Medium Messages from Heaven and Earth

September 20, 2015 7pm – 9pm EST
Altamont Theatre
18 Church Street – Asheville

Join International Award-Winning Professional Psychics Allison Hayes – The Rock Girl and Jill M. Jackson for a very special, exclusive gathering. This rare Gallery Demonstration combines both Evidential Mediumship as well as Powerful Psychic Messages to the Audience!
Allison will be delivering Psychic Messages, which will offer important direction in life such as love, romance, career, and life path. Allison has won such prestigious awards such as Psychic of the Year for 2011 and 2012 and Celebrities Choice Psychic for 2013 and 2014 on Best American Psychics! She has been featured on television and radio and has many celebrity clients!
Jill will be speaking to loved ones who have crossed-over. She is an Evidentiary Medium, meaning she will give specific evidence and details about your loved ones such as personalities, cause of death, physical appearances as well as other information that only you would know. Jill won the prestigious award of Psychic of the Year for 2015 and the 2014 Social Activism Award on Best American Psychics!
Both Allison and Jill host their own radio shows, airing on IHeart Radio, and both have also had radio shows on CBS Radio. They are under contract with Creative Laughter Productions for a metaphysical television show.
Attending this event does not guarantee you a reading, however, messages will often relate to many people in the room. Allison has no control over which Guides decide to step forward to speak through her and will deliver the messages as they come through. Jill has no control over which crossed over loved ones speak to her. ANYONE who has been connected to you, even if you never met them, or anyone you have known (friends, teachers, or neighbors) may choose to come through.
Help to promote a successful evening by arriving with an open heart and mind, and sending love and positive energy to everyone in the room. These events have a beautiful way of touching each and every soul who attends as it is an uplifting and healing Spiritual experience!
Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to connect with not 1 but 2 highly sought after, Award-Winning Professional Psychics who are tested and approved members of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics!
Advance tickets only $44! Tickets purchased at the door will be $55. To reserve your ticket, please visit http://mysticandmediumasheville.bpt.me


Jill M. Jackson



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