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Jody Higgins is a Psychic Medium, a Clairvoyant, an Empath, and an Intuitive. She performs readings and helps people hear God’s voice. She shares information from God and Spirit with the person she reads for.


Background and Qualification

Ever since she was young, Jody has always known things and events before they actually happen. She also felt what other people felt. The first Psychic experience she could remember happened at a very young age.

At the tender age of 6, Jody had a dream about cutting her leg if she attended a birthday party. For several weeks, young Jody had really been looking forward to going to this birthday party. But after having that terrible dream the night before the party, Jody told her mother she would not go to the party. She believed that if she did go to that party, she would get hurt. Jody cried and begged her mother to let her stay at home.

Feeling awful about not letting her daughter enjoy a birthday party, her mother made her go for her to have fun with her friends. Her mother just didn’t want her to miss out on something that she had looked forward to. Young Jody went to the party. She was running around the yard, playing with the other kids and fell over a rope tied to a tent. Of course, she had to land on top of an old metal hollowed out stake. Jody ended up getting stitches. That was Jody’s first Psychic experience that she could remember. It was then that she realized that she knew things that other people will never understand.

She had many of these kinds of unexplainable experiences all through her life, some of which include being touched by Spirits, seeing dead people, and meeting her Spirit Guide named Louis. Her Psychic abilities got stronger over time, but still, Jody did not embrace her gifts. She would do some occasional readings, but still she did not act on it.

It was only when she divorced her husband that she felt her life was going to change. Her intuition told her that a Spiritual transformation was going to happen and that she was going to open up. She still did not get it at that time, until she had a vision and met her Spirit Guide. Since then, her experiences have been pretty accurate and spot on.

She now uses her Psychic and Spiritual gifts to help people feel connected to God and Spirit. She can pick up any information for you: about your job, career, health, travel and love life. She gets this information in the following ways:

  • She hears/knows information.
  • She sees images.
  • She feels physical symptoms and pain.


What can Jody do for you?

Jody can do readings for you, by phone or email. Below are the Reading sessions that you can book with Jody.

Psychic Reading

This reading will give you information about past, present, and future events. You will get clarity about situations in your life, get closure about past events, and get helpful information and advice about future events that are yet to happen.

A Psychic reading with Jody is a Spiritual experience. Each reading session is a different experience and the information shared will be different for each person. Some readings are very evidential with objects, and very detailed on the information, while other readings are more Spiritual, inspirational, and motivational in nature.

Mediumship Reading

This type of reading connects you with loved ones, family members, or friends that have crossed over to the other side. Jody cannot control if a person comes through during a session, but she will share any information that she receives.


Book a reading with Jody now!

If you are looking for an honest, sincere, life changing, and spiritual experience, schedule a reading session with Jody. You can send her an email at or use the contact form in her website, Jody will get back to you within 48 to 72 hours to schedule your reading session. Include the following information in your email:

Name of person receiving the reading

Telephone number where you can be reached

Date and time of reading (suggest three different times and dates)


To schedule an email reading, please allow Jody at least 48-72 hours to respond to your email reading requests. Provide the following information in your email request:

Name of the person receiving the reading

Your email with your questions, which should be clearly outlined

The email address where the response should be sent


The charges for email reading requests are:

1 Question = $25

2 Questions = $35

3 Questions = $45

4 Questions = $55

You are allowed to reply to the email after the reading.

In a reading session, Jody will ask you if you want to know the truth, and Jody will tell you everything you wish to know. Jody simply gets information from God and her Spirit guides. Her gifts are genuine and spot on, and it gives her the purest joy to be able to share these gifts with you.



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