Kathy Biehl

Professional Aquarian

Kathy Biehl

Website: http://www.empowermentunlimited.net

Email: kbiehl@empowermentunlimited.net

Phone: 862-209-0581

I am a professional astrologer,  Tarot master and psychic who helps individuals and business owners make decisions and better understand (and laugh about) themselves, their options and the people in their lives.  I read for and about animals, too.  I’m also one of the most versatile advisors (and people) you’ll ever meet.  (That's why I call myself a Professional Aquarian.)

My approach is not fortunetelling.  Instead I explore what is happening inside and outside of you now. What kinds of influences, opportunities and challenges are here or coming. What you can and want to do about the concerns you bring. (That's why I call my site Empowerment Unlimited.)

I bring to my readings my diverse life experience as an attorney, a small business owner, a performing artist and a writer. My uncommonly varied life experience means I have a personal understanding of most of the situations, challenges and issues clients bring  -- whether that’s decoding relationship signals, dealing with job or family politics, running a business, wearing out from caregiving, wising up to someone’s addiction, grieving a death, feeling stuck or wondering if you were born on the wrong planet.

You can get a good idea of my style by reading my weekly and moon forecasts, listening to my weekly podcasts and watching my astrology videos at my site, EmpowermentUnlimited.net.

Sessions with me are generally entertaining, sometimes reassuring, and always thought-provoking, practical and useful. I am articulate, funny, playful, blunt, perceptive and compassionate. I use big words, but I won’t talk above your head.

I do not and will not make decisions for you, though I will recommend dates and times for specific actions, if you ask. (And I do not give legal advice in a reading.) I take the focus off blame and other people and keep the discussion on you, your options and your tools.

My training and credentials: I have studied and practiced astrology and Tarot for more than 25 years. I've pursued astrology since junior high, read the Tarot since high school (when I also had my first, regular published astrology column) and studied formally at the Houston Institute of Astrology and in workshops with leading astrologers across the country. In addition to my own site, I have written about astrology for a variety of regional and national publications, including doing the Weekly Weather and Moon Reports for TheCosmicPath.com for more than three years without missing a single column and monthly horoscopes for and KidScopes for The Conscious Living Guide and its predecessor The Conscious Mom’s Guide. I’ve done canine forecasts for Dogster.com and food trend predictions for My Table magazine. I was Cosmopolitan’s resident astrologer at the Austin and Houston stops on the magazine’s 1997 Fun Fearless Female college tour, and for a couple of years in the late 90s I was the Oracle Corporation’s oracle at its Houston holiday parties.

Client Testimonials:

Your wisdom on so many levels combined with your level headed practical "in the world" advice and perspective was really powerful. -- Stuart, Florida

Kathy's readings are not only accurate, but comforting and helpful. Through her marvelous, finely tuned skills, she imparts wisdom.  I am left with a peaceful strength knowing that I am ready for whatever adventure life may next present. -- DF, New Jersey

I love Kathy Biehl's insight.  Her information sheds light into the 'whys' behind behavior and circumstances and she offers exceptional guidance on how to address, combat or transmute dynamics. -- Christine, New York

Your commentaries and forecasts are amazingly on point and unerringly insightful.  You also have a really unique way of making the  information simultaneously funny and exciting.  -- Ali

I love your sight and your "insights" with a, this is the way it is people, altitude.... You are the "new voice" in all the clutter...THANK YOU. -- Jan