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Who is Lynda Diane?

She connects you to Spirit. She touches the soul of her clients to bring about significant change. She’s here to help you live an uncompromised and exceptional life. Lynda Nichols, more popularly known as Lynda Diane, is a Visionary, a Psychic, a Medium and a Spiritual teacher. She was a former medical professional, who later became a full-time intuitive and spiritual teacher.


Background and History

Lynda Diane’s spiritual journey began at a tender age of seven. It started one Sunday, at an Altar Call in a Nazarene Church. It was an ordinary Church day, which began in the most normal of ways. For a seven-year old girl, it was a total waste of a perfectly good summer day. When the preacher finished his sermon on hell’s fire and brimstone, he began his Altar Call. All of a sudden, young Lynda felt a strong pull to go to the Altar. Dazed, she stood, much to her grandmother’s surprise, who quickly tucked a pink embroidered handkerchief into her hand. As she walked towards the front of the church, it was as if she was having an out of the body experience. Automatically, she knelt down while the congregation continued singing songs of praise. Without knowing why, she sobbed uncontrollably. There was an overwhelming feeling of being home, and being wrapped in a warm cocoon of safety and love. Out of the corner of her eye, she felt a presence. It was engulfed in a yellow-white light. She listened in astonishment, as the Being told her of the Spiritual life that awaited her.

When the Altar Call was concluded, it was a while before she came back to her consciousness. It was then that she realized that she had gone into a deep, meditative state of altered and higher consciousness. Slowly, she rose and was surprised to see the dozens of handkerchiefs that surrounded her, thrown by the good-hearted souls in the pews.

All through her teenage years, while most girls her age were occupied with boys and makeup, she was drawn to the occult. She would read books on Spirituality, one of which was authored by Ruth Montgomery, which talked about the Spirit World. She has always experienced intuition, visions and conversations with the unseen, though she never really gave it much thought. She had her first exposure to Psychic Reading when her father brought her to visit a Psychic named Georgie.

Her mother’s passing in 1972 however, changed things for her. This life changing event broke the barrier between the Spiritual and physical worlds for her. The sadness and despair she experienced brought her into a Spiritual darkness that almost destroyed her being and sanity. In the year that followed, she left her family and home in a desperate attempt save her life. She searched for something that could bring light to the darkness that engulfed her. The journey gave her a new consciousness of her unique Spiritual gifts, and how to use them. The years that followed led her into the secret world of the Government, where she helped deal with the unknown and everything metaphysical. She has worked alongside a Doctor as a Medical Intuitive. She has also worked for law enforcement and one government agency.

Lynda Diane works as a Business Consultant, where she has served as an advisor for two law firms since 2008, as well as with other professionals who seek her counsel and guidance. She uses no tools in her Readings. All communication and information come from a group of beings from a higher consciousness, which she calls The Collective.


What can Lynda Diane do for you?

Lynda Diane can help you open doors of opportunities. She can make you realize how powerful you are, find your purpose here on Earth, and discover how you can live life in peace and in harmony. She will help you achieve fulfillment and live a life of purpose.

Lynda Diane offers the following services:

Psychic Reading – These sessions are taken with the utmost responsibility. Each session is unique for each individual. Oftentimes, this session brings out your Soul’s primary concern and it uses this opportunity to bring it to light. You will leave the session feeling that you have found the answers that you have been seeking all your life.

Medical Intuitive – Lynda is not a medical doctor. Her work as a Medical Intuitive was born out of the many hours she has worked with clients for over 30 years. Not only does her work cover your physical state, it also integrates your emotional state and your past lives that are affecting your current life. Clients find the gentle and compassionate approach of Lynda comforting and reassuring.

Akashic Records – The Human Akash is a Living Library. There are four areas where the Akash resides and one of them includes our future lives. By tapping into this infinite source, it allows you to have a soul-level perspective of your life. It helps begin your healing process.


Call Lynda Diane now!

You are the architect of your life. The decisions, actions and choice that you make add to the blueprint of your life, which can be seen in an inter-dimensional level. If you are looking for a Spiritual awakening, evolution, and transformation, contact Lynda Diane now!


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