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Mari is honored to be able to share her psychic gifts with you. Her mission is to provide comfort, give guidance and offer evidential proof that life exists after we leave this earthly plane. Mari has been seeing and speaking to Spirit since she was a small child and her clients find her down to earth, compassionate and supportive.

Mari can help you with:

*Psychic and Intuitive Guidance
*Questions about Relationships
*Connection to your Fur Babies (living or passed over)
*Connection to Passed loved ones
*Tarot, Oracle or Angel Card Readings
*Lost or Missing Pets

Mari can also channel messages for you through her guides via automatic writing or as a spoken channel and also serve as an Animal Communicator with your past or present furry friends.

Whether it is connecting to a past loved one, providing intuitive guidance or linking with your departed pet, Mari’s goal is always to bring comfort and healing with the supportive guidance you are seeking. Mari has been humbled to have received amazing feedback for her Evidential Mediumship and Animal Intuitive Sessions over the years and is now excited to be a part of the Best American Psychics family.

Mari Co-Hosts the radio program “Lightworkers Unite” with the New Hampshire Medium June Elaine Evans, and is a regular guest on “Journey into the Light” radio show. Mari has also been a featured guest on the Television show “The Medium Next Door” as well as spotlighted in the Boston Voyager Magazine.  She can be reached and booked via her website Readings can be done in-person, phone, email or messenger.

My Story

People always ask me, “How long have you been doing this?” and my response is invariably “as long as I can remember!”. Since I was a little girl I used to see spirits and angels in my bedroom and we would chat. To me this was “normal”. As I grew older I realized that not everyone would embrace my gift, so I decided to simply ignore it. But it never went away. Time passed and I got my Masters in Social Work and went on to work as a Psychotherapist. I was content helping people navigate their inner selves and deal with their personal issues. However, eventually the time came when I realized I could no longer keep avoiding what Spirit was telling me. They were very persistent! It was at that point I decided to commit full time to this work and have never turned back.

Since then, I have trained and worked with many Mediums from all over the world including Tony Stockwell, Lauren Rainbow, Julie Ann Gadziala, Graham Connolly and Chrissy Masterson. I have been blessed to train at the Omega Institute, Moth and Moon Studio and currently completing a certification as Advance Spirit Worker thru Soul Space U.K. and Tony Stockwell .  I love to work with so many wonderful people and their pets to provide them with the comfort and validation they are seeking from Spirit. I would be honored to help you find yours.



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Mari Cartagenova
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