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Welcome. I am Psychic, Numerologist, Author, and Radio Host Terri Weston. My gifts of claircognizance and clairsentience (along with the use of traditional playing cards, numerology, and automatic writing) work as a conduit for Spirit. This allows me to deliver messages to my clients with love, relevance, and an everyday practicality for creating positive change.

My readings also provide insights into the origins of your accomplishments, conflicts, challenges – revealing why some areas of your life flow with a more natural ease while others such as love, money, career, or relationships seem to provide greater challenges and repeated lessons. Why you attract certain types of people or situations. And by identifying your innate strengths and weaknesses, I can show you how these have played a part in your joys and struggles – and more importantly, what you can do to better your life.

With clients worldwide, Spirit provides me with the messages to pass along regardless of where you reside. At the same time, please realize that some of the messages that come through in a reading may not be what you want to hear but are what you are meant to hear in order to help you make positive choices and change to move forward with clarity and confidence.

With a bachelor’s degree in Economics and over 15 years in Finance, I have found my work as a psychic a shout from my soul. And I look forward to helping you find or validate the shout in yours.

To learn more about my services, my book “Your Personal Success Quotient”, and intuitive development course, as well as my seemingly ordinary path to this rewarding work, visit my website as listed below. And don’t be shy about clicking through for an immediate reading to address your immediate questions and concerns.

Namaste and God Bless.

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Terri is available for personal readings, as well as private parties and corporate events.
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