Empath Survival Tips

Here at Best American Psychics, we understand better than most the types of challenges that empaths face on a day to day basis. Going to work can be a challenge, attending busy events with large crowds can seem like a nightmare, and sometimes just being around friends and family can be a real challenge. For […]

How to Spot a Fraud: Tips from Best American Psychics

At Best American Psychics, we strive to include only those psychics who have passed a stringent set of tests in our directory. Each of our psychics passes not one, but two tests, as well as criminal background checks. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to receive advice from ethical, professional psychics, and we take the […]

Psychic Crystals and Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones have played a crucial role in spiritual endeavors for thousands of years. Ancient Sumerians used crystals as a part of magical formulas. The Ancient Egyptians made jewelry that featured lapis lazuli, quartz, emerald, carnelian, and others, and they carved amulets to use both in burial ceremonies as well as for protection throughout […]

The Benefits of a Psychic Reading

As psychic mediums, we often encounter misconceptions about psychic readings and psychic abilities in general. Doubts and questions are common enough, and we understand where those types of things come from. However, we do believe that being educated and knowledgeable about psychic readings can only ever benefit everyone involved. One of the biggest misconceptions about […]

Psychic Reader: 3 Signs of Psychic Ability

A common narrative amongst psychic readers is one of disbelief. While learning about themselves and discovering their abilities, many reach out to friends and family only to be told that they are “crazy” or are simply imagining things. It is never easy to experience the hurt or the fear that can come with that sort […]

Are Psychic Abilities Hereditary?

Certain traits and abilities are passed to us through the generations from our family. Look in the mirror and you are bound to see some of your family in your own face. Your mother’s eyes, your father’s nose, the same shade of auburn hair that your grandmother had when she was your age. Genetic coding […]

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