How to Spot a Fraud: Tips from Best American Psychics

Sep 10 2016

How to Spot a Fraud: Tips from Best American Psychics

At Best American Psychics, we strive to include only those psychics who have passed a stringent set of tests in our directory. Each of our psychics passes not one, but two tests, as well as criminal background checks. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to receive advice from ethical, professional psychics, and we take the necessary steps to ensure that each of our psychics is strong in both ability and character. Why? Unfortunately, we are aware that there are those who would take advantage of people and claim to be something that they are not. Fakers and frauds give the rest of the psychic community a bad name. So in the interest of protecting you (and your wallet) from the scams of less than upright “mediums,” we’ve assembled a few tips to help you avoid being taken in.

Scare Tactics

If the “psychic” you are seeing is offering up nothing but horrible news and predictions or seems to be trying to frighten you, then you’ve likely stumbled across a con-artist. Ethical psychics won’t try to upsell you on fancy talismans or charms, spell removals, or a “premium” reading that is more expensive.

100% Guarantees

When dealing with psychic abilities and spiritual matters, there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee. Any psychic who claims to be 100% accurate, every time is either deluded or lying. Much of what psychics perceive isn’t clear, cut and dry fact but rather impressions that must then be interpreted. Dedicated, ethical psychics hone their gifts over time, but even the most practiced and professional psychics can’t guarantee a flawless track record.

Spells and Curses

If your supposed psychic claims to have the ability to provide you with love or luck spells, curses, or jinxes then it’s time to walk out the door. Often these people will offer you these fix-alls for all your problems–for a “small” fee, of course.

Remember What Psychics Are Supposed to Do

True, ethical psychics understand that they have been gifted for a reason. That reason is to help you find peace and answers, not soak you for all you’re worth by ridding you of curses and guaranteeing results. If you are looking for enlightenment or advice, you should seek a reputable psychic who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. At Best American Psychics, we do everything we can to ensure that you can find a psychic reader who does just that. For more information, contact us today.

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