2017 BAP Fabulous Feedback Award Winner

2017 BAP Fabulous Feedback Award Winner

2017 brings another honor to Deborah Livingston as the BAP Fabulous Feedback Award Winner. Deborah has again received a remarkable number of favorable reviews and testimonials. She is an accomplished psychic medium and animal communicator known for her direct approach and amazingly accurate details. Those that leave reviews are blown away by the gifts they receive from a reading with her. Here is one excerpt from a recent mediumship reading review. “She made me feel like I was skyping with a family member just sitting back and sharing family memories!”

Deborah continues her professional training and certification to improve and become credentialed in her field. Although she is naturally gifted, it is important to her to maintain her knowledge and give only the best of herself through the services she provides. She also limits the number of mediumship readings she will provide to a single client during a year in an effort to keep within the bounds of her ethics.

Deborah is Hollywood Gift Basket Reader, 6th Sense and Beyond Guest, Author, and more. She is available upon request for private sittings, group or family sittings special event demonstrations, and galleries for fund raisers and charities.

Links for Deborah: https://bestamericanpsychics.com/advisor/deborah-livingston

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