2019 Social Activism Award Winner

2019 Social Activism Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics’ 2019 Social Activism Award winner is Nicole Bowman. Nicole is a psychic medium, intuitive development teacher, and spiritual counselor. She has traveled the United States teaching, speaking, and reading. She has also traveled to different destinations in the world to grow her gifts and spiritual experiences in order to offer more to her clients. It is her personal life experiences and travel that make Nicole such a beautiful lightworker, psychic medium, and valued member of our team.

Nicole devotes much of her time and attention to bringing and living the light. She even has a radio program entitled “Live the Light” where she shares wisdom and advice on matters that affect people on a deeply spiritual level. People that need healing, guidance, hope gain much from this lady! She teaches you how to connect and how to grow spiritually to make it through life’s trials and tribulations. She regularly offers healing and prayers to those that need it.

Nicole is a long-time member of our team and has been awarded Psychic of the Week and Psychic of the Month several times. She is an intuitive artist and creates & writes original music & books for the soul. She is also a Featured Blogger on Best American Psychics. We feel Nicole is a true lightworker and her teaching on spiritual matters qualify her for this award.

You can find Nicole on our Immediate Readings page, on her radio program, and you can book a session with her through her profile page on the site. All her links are below.

Links for Nicole Bowman:       https://bestamericanpsychics.com/listing/nicole-bowman




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