2020 BAP Social Activism Award Winner

2020 BAP Social Activism Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics’ 2020 Social Activism Award winner is Nancy Smith. Nancy is an accomplished psychic medium, teacher, akashic record reader and spirit artist. Nancy is a Featured Blogger for BAP and has been a regular guest on Metaphysical Minds. She also volunteered her time and expertise to our 10th Anniversary event. She gives this time of herself free of charge.  In addition, Nancy helps others that are exploring their gifts and seeking training in this field by offering classes and practice at a very discounted rate. She has her own internet radio show (Angelscapes with Nancy Smith) where she offers her expertise on topics with the bonus of free readings to the public.

Nancy has joined forces with other members of the BAP team to promote this work and demonstrate the continuity of life. She is a generous team player and all-around lovely individual.

Her mediumship brings a great sense of healing to her clients. In particular, her spirit artist gifts are an added bonus and just another form of evidence for those struggling with loss. Sometimes it is difficult for us to believe that there is a true connection to the other side and that our loved ones are still with us. Nancy’s drawings help this process along, and therefore bring closure and healing to those stuck in grief.

Her skills as a writer also help with healing and spreading the light.

Nancy has been with BAP since 2015 and earned the respect of her clients and colleagues. She has been awarded both our Psychic of the Week and Psychic of the Month honors.

We feel she gives of herself on a regular basis in the name of this work. She is committed to educating others and helping them heal. She schedules many events and works hard at bringing her gifts to the public. It is for these reasons we feel she deserves this award and are proud to call her a Best American Psychic.

You can find Nancy on our Immediate Readings page, on her radio program, and you can book a session with her through her profile page on the site. All her links are below.

Links for Nancy Smith:            https://bestamericanpsychics.com/listing/nancy-smith

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