A Different Kind of Holiday

A Different Kind of Holiday

My family celebrates Christmas, meaning the traditional exchanging of gifts on December 25th.  I found an article written about a family that was foregoing all the purchasing, wrapping and exchanging of more STUFF. It really resonated with me. So, I reached out to my family; two grown boys and my husband, suggesting that we try this. I got a very enthusiastic yes! I’m just tired. Tired of the holidays bringing so much unnecessary stress and exhaustion. The race against time to overspend, grab stuff for people that they don’t need just because I can’t leave them off my gift list.  I may sound like a scrooge but stay with me for a moment.  

When I sent my thoughts to my older son, his response was this: 

“I think one thing that makes our Christmas time so special is the moment of waking up, coming downstairs and expecting a surprise. Then, focusing one by one on each of us as we individually open gifts. These moments of attention towards each one of us is so special! How often do we sit in a room and pay full attention to the actions of one single person as they indulge in an act of joy (opening a gift)? I think it’s possible to create this similar experience in ways which eliminate store-bought, unethical/unsustainable gifts, but include the surprise, attention and presence. The gift of your time, digital goods (online classes for example), tickets for experiences (like music, travel, etc.) are some ideas.”  

 After I had made this suggestion to my family, I started to panic and backpedal a bit for fear it wouldn’t “feel” like Christmas.  I read again my son’s ideas and perspective and I began to feel excited. The point is not to NOT give a gift to your loved one at the holidays, but more to be true to what’s real for you. For me, I don’t need any more stuff that’s for sure.  I think many of us could admit that every year we go through scramble and stress to hurry and buy something we think that person would want. I believe the relationships and the gesture of thought behind the gift giving is far more valuable and meaningful. Consider spending time with someone as your gift. Write a heartfelt card to them. Offer to help a loved one who may need some of your time with a project that they may fear to ask for.  

The world is changing, and not all of it is for the better. The environment needs our awareness now more than ever before. We are busy and distracted by the electronic cyber world that is now the fabric of our daily lives. The holiday season is an opportunity to make connection with the people we have and care about in our lives. Consider a gift that will help the person your giving to feel more connected with you, and with themselves. Slow down to be conscious of the person your giving to, and what you want to convey to them by giving them a gift. I believe if we all do this, our light will shine brighter because we are happy, relaxed and present with our presents.  

Author: Katherine Glass https://bestamericanpsychics.com/listing/katherine-glass

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