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Abigail is a born psychic medium. As a child, her abilities, and her connections to the unseen, were normal functions of her every day life. Although, she was quite aware that they were not so ‘normal’ to others. By the age of 12, the natural progression for Abigail, found her providing Automatic Writing readings. This grew by word of mouth and continued through successful careers steeped in the arts as an adult. Abigail eventually and inevitably, came to a place where she needed to shift gears. Her intuitive guidance told Abigail, that it was time to make her ‘Intuitive abilities’ her profession. It was a beautiful and rather seamless transition to where you find her today.

Background and Training

Every time someone asks how Abigail was able to discover her abilities, or a moment in which she just ‘knew’? She answers that it is all innate. She does not know a life without them. Her spirit guides have always been with her. She considers them friends and teachers. Abigail grew up ‘just knowing’ things before they would happen, what people’s houses looked like without stepping foot in them. It was like this. She works with her guides to learn things, without prior knowledge, about a person, a place, land, or a time in history (past,present or future). Abigail hears, sees, feels and even tastes what the spirit communicators are relating.

One of the things that scares many people about heightened awareness, is the potential lack of control over one’s own life. For Abigail, this was very important to learn how to navigate and understand. She had to undergo intense and comprehensive training to deepen her understanding and the scope of her abilities. Abigail continues to practice, just what it means to thrive within the different wave frequencies. Like a radio dial, there are countless intuitive stations, which fluctuate between clear vibration and static. We must always be tuning the dial, for the purest connection between the seen and the unseen worlds.

Abigail is sensitive to the different voices and accents of the spirits that she hears or how they channel these qualities through Automatic Writing. She can decipher if there is a scent that may linger in the room, which may help her recognize a specific presence. For Automatic Writing, she uses a computer or pen in order to channel the information that she obtains from the energy that she receives.

What Can Abigail Do For You?

People who seek help from Abigail usually want to experience some sort of change. She is adept at intuiting the feelings and patterns in people’s lives. Past lives often figure into the work she does, as do the intent of future lives. We have free will. We must use it to work and honor our soul’s purpose. Abigail loves working with clients to develop who they are as intuitive beings and trust the decisions they make for themselves. Through this work, clients may consider business ventures and other creative pursuits. They may gain perspective on their relationships in their personal and work life. Clients may come to Abigail to break through creative road blocks, or start new creative paths. Abigail and the clients’ guides, help the client to connect with their personal missions, to invest in new belief systems, that open up pathways to all they have dreamed and are ready to pursue.

The spirit guides who come through in this work are often the very ones with whom the client is longing to connect. By using her abilities, Abigail serves as vessel, to establish a strong connection with such spirits.

The readings that Abigail performs are personalized. She meets her clients in-person or through phone or the Internet.

What do Abigail’s clients say about her?

A visit to Abigail’s website named “Readings with Abigail” will give you a glimpse of how well she works with her clients. The people whom she has helped in the past describe her as someone who is on target, professional, caring, smart, humorous, and inspirational. She serves as a bright light to people who are lost in the dark phases of their lives. People find great comfort in her words, so much so that many shifted from having single sessions with her to acquiring packages. Her soothing and straightforward approach has enabled her to bring calmness to all the people that she has worked with. If you are a person who needs some clarity in life, Abigail López is ready to help you live the life you want.


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