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In the delicate and personal matters of the Spirit, you need a medium, pet communicator and spiritual guide who not only practices the trade, but also lives the art. Ana Maria R. Mena Alcala is being honest when she says, “It’s what I do. It’s who I am,” in reference to her career as a psychic and spiritual guide.

Ana Maria R. Mena Alcala has learned to balance the many different facets of her trade to help others. She is a medium, animal communicator, spiritual coach, and a Karuna and Reiki Master. Aside from her ability to communicate with departed loved ones, Spirit, and pets, Ana Maria is equally proficient at communicating through technology, teaching, and seminars. She is also fluent in Italian, Spanish, and English.

Her many skills and expertise stem from a long and colorful career spent learning and training in the matters life and spirituality.

Experience and Training

Ever since she was young, Ana Maria has had dealings with spiritual matters. She was born with the ability to communicate with departed loved ones, Spirit, and pets.

At age three, she started conversing with a beautiful, glowing lady who would visit her at night. Growing up in a Catholic family, she was unable to talk about and process her experiences dealing with spirits as a child.

Years and decades after, Ana Maria pursued a different career and honed another set of skills that are still invaluable in her services today. She studied in different institutes, including Universidad de Lima, Instituto Internacional de Estudios Superiores, and the California State University. She gained proficiency in Italian and Spanish, and worked in marketing and sales as well.

She was brought back to the spiritual path by an experience relating to loss. Ana Maria was asked by a friend to come with her to the cemetery to visit her friend’s deceased parents. It was there that her friend’s parents appeared before her eyes, appearing alive. Ana Maria was able to describe her friend’s parents accurately, even though she had never met them before.

Later on, her friend asked her to come back to California, to see a medium and act as the translator. Even before the session started, the medium told Ana Maria that her friend’s parents were thankful for her help in bringing peace to their daughter.

With that experience, Ana Maria knew that her earlier encounters with Spirit were not crazy. She also realized and became inspired to pursue a path towards the spiritual.

Ana Maria went on to train with a Mediumship Center in Orange County.

Through her training, Ana Maria became certified in different healing modalities and spiritual services. She is a Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, a Diksha Practitioner, a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Certified Spiritual Coach, a Certified Assertiveness Coach, a medium and an animal communicator.

How Ana Maria Can Serve You

Ana Maria offers key services that can help you along your spiritual journey, and to get in touch with your departed loved ones, Spirit, or pets. She provides a safe and sacred space that empowers your development and growth as a spiritual being.


Through mediumship, Ana Maria can relay messages that your loved ones, who are willing come to the session, would like to pass on.

*Animal Communication

Ana Maria is able to help you better understand your pets. As an animal communicator and pet psychic, she can help uncover and explore problems that may confuse you. She is also a missing animal specialist and a medium for animals who have crossed over.

*Certified Angel Card Reading

Through Angel Card Reading, you can receive the clear Divine Guidance that you need to discern and decide in your life.

*Spiritual Assertiveness Coaching

Ana Maria’s techniques as a Certified Spiritual Coach and Certified Assertiveness Coach can help you grow as a spiritually assertive person. This enables you to set boundaries, defend your truth, heal better from pain, and break harmful patterns of co-dependency.

*Reiki or Karuna Reiki (humans and/or pets)

Through Reiki healing, Ana Maria can activate the natural healing process and the beneficial flow of energy in your body. Karuna Reiki Healing can also empower the healing of your heart and the diminishing of suffering.

Ana Maria provides these spiritual and healing sessions for groups of people as well. Each session and reading is tailored to the individual or group, as per your request, to provide the best possible entertainment, comfort, and peace.

When Should You Contact Ana Maria R. Mena Alcala?

Get in touch with Ana Maria:

– To have a few moments with your departed loved ones

– To gain a deeper and stronger connection with your pets and those who have crossed over into the spirit

– To arrive at a stronger and more spiritually-aligned understanding of yourself and your future

Ana Maria is the sole proprietor of Spiritually Growing (, lives in Los Angeles, and can be reached at 305.912.6714


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Ana Maria R. Mena Alcala
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