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Welcome! I am a no-nonsense mystic, clairvoyant and spiritual guide, here to help you make light of your challenges, reclaim all that you are and create an amazing life!

I started giving readings in 1999 and have now worked with thousands of people worldwide on improving relationships, health, career, family matters, creative energy and more.

I stumbled upon my path at 12 years old, when I wrote a science paper proving the validity of “ESP.” In high school, the boys called me a “witch” and I spent my afternoons studying astrology books instead of physics.

No one told me I was intuitive, and I wondered if I was crazy. I easily felt what other people were feeling, and I saw when people’s energy didn’t match their words or actions.

I ended up processing lots of feelings and thoughts that weren’t mine. That was exhausting and confusing and led nowhere… except to the realization that many people need a basic education in energy… the beginning of my calling!

I began meditating at age 18. By my mid-20’s, I began 10 years of advanced trainings in clairvoyance, energy healing and mediumship.

Along the way, I went to grad school for poetry. I became a singer/ songwriter and traveled around the country performing music. I studied African singing and African and modern dance. For my “first gig” teaching about energy healing, I spoke to 50 musicians about how to manage the sensitivities that come with being an artist.

My work is about guiding you to become all that you are.

It’s about reclaiming our creative aspects, and the parts of ourselves that we’ve shelved or disowned. It’s about bringing our body and spirit together, because this is where our power resides.

I practice yoga and Aikido and have studied holistic health and nutrition. I see that health issues are often spiritual, emotional and ancestral, and find these connections fascinating.

Some other areas I specialize in are masculine-feminine dynamics, conscious relationships, fertility, children, and guidance for artists and entrepreneurs. I love to mentor sensitive souls in awakening intuition, setting healthy boundaries and becoming successful in every area of life.

I love reading energy, and I love it when the light bulbs turn on and people feel empowered!

I also walk my talk. 🙂 Every day, I meditate, move my body and allow time for creative inspiration.

I live with my family in the mountains of Colorado. Before sleep, my daughter and I make a “bubble” to release her boo-boo’s, yucky feelings and anything she didn’t like in her day.

It’s a full life! And bit by bit, I do what I can to bring more light into this world.

General Availability for Immediate Readings or Scheduled Appointments:

Monday + Thursday 9:30 am-2:30 pm MOUNTAIN time
Friday 5:30-9 pm MOUNTAIN time
Saturday 2:30-6:30 pm MOUNTAIN time

(Subject to change; sometimes varies.)

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Ann O’Brien
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Ann O’Brien
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Psychic Self Care for Sensitives + Creatives ~ Dates TBA

Turn Your Sensitivity Into Clarity!

Join Ann O’Brien for this 6-week webinar/ teleclass! You’ll learn how to:

* Ground and center yourself
* Boost your energy and creativity
* Clear stuck emotions
* Calm your mind and find solutions within
* Create healthy boundaries
* Protect yourself from negative energy
* Heal, love and trust yourself
* Discover and follow your heart’s desires

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Free Readings, Free Psychic Readings, Free Meditation, Guided Meditation, Teleclass, Webinar, Healing Meditation, Energy Healing
Psychic Lounge (offered monthly/ bimonthly. See dates below.)

Do you have questions about your next steps? Need some support to let go of those old habits, unhealed emotions or recurring problems? You’re in the right place!

Join us SATURDAY 7/7/18 @ 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET!

I’m offering a FREE call for first time participants where you can receive a personal mini-reading and group healing. I’ll be live on video, and you can join by phone or computer, whatever suits you best. For repeat participants, a donation of $22 is suggested. 🙂

I will take as many questions as I can on the call. As I listen to your voice, I receive messages and see pictures about what’s going on with you or the people and situations in your life. My goal is to empower you, help you get un-stuck and guide you towards your desires.

After giving readings, I’ll offer a group healing and meditation for everyone registered– including both those on the live call as well as those listening to the replay.

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