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Deb Sheppard, internationally recognized medium, psychic, author and speaker, has connected thousands of clients to their loved ones in spirit, helping bring life full circle. Death is a part of every life, and Deb believes those who have crossed over remain connected to us––although they are on the other side, they are forever by our side.

She can use all of her senses to access information from the other side. Using her acute skills of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairscent, Clairgustance, Clairtangency, Clairempathy, and Channeling, she can see, feel, hear, smell, taste, touch and channel as she interprets messages. Deb believes we are all energy and she can connect with any energy. She also connects with animals and those still living on the earthly plane.

Deb’s incredible ability places her in the top 3% most accurate in her profession.

She has been tested and is recommended by James Van Praagh and is recommended by Best Psychic Directory as a top-rated medium.

Known also an “empath,” Deb connects to the unseen realms through feelings in her body and her emotions. As a medium, she acts as a liaison, relaying comforting messages between the physical and spiritual worlds, communicating with people and animals who have crossed over. Deb’s sense of humor, light-heartedness and compassion create a safe and fun environment for all who attend her readings and events.

Since 2001, her detailed readings have amazed and astounded many around the world. Her belief is to help empower every one that she works with so they can break free of the fears that hold them back from being their true selves. She has guided and taught thousands of students her philosophy on the afterlife, how we can open communication with the spirit world and move forward in a much more enlightened, passionate and inspired way.

Her journey into mediumship began unexpectedly, when she and her husband had relocated to Colorado and were facing financial difficulty. Her family was on the verge of losing everything. She decided to look for answers outside of her life experiences––and the answers came: Deb began to feel spirits who had crossed over and, after much reading and exploring, soon realized she was a medium. Her skill would become a comfort to millions of listeners, viewers and followers.


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Deb Sheppard
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