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Derek Raynard Newman, Jr., is a Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Business Advisor, Personal Life and Spiritual Coach from Clewiston, Florida, a small town located about 63 miles west of West Palm Beach. Born with the unique gift of second sight, he uses his gift to help clients around the world seek closure and, in other career paths, has provided assistance in major financial and investment transactions, such as in real estate.

In 2012, Derek began using his clairvoyance to help clients while living in Los Angeles after experiencing waves of energy daily that he could no longer ignore. Since then, he has followed his passion to bring clarity and closure to those who seek his counsel. Clients often ask, “How does Derek receive his information?” As he would describe it, he receives it by sensing, feeling, smelling, seeing, and even tasting what it is a spirit is attempting to convey. He translates and attempts to interpret what he has received to deliver messages to his clients.

Many would describe Derek as passionate in his field of work, which stems from personal convictions and morality. He receives satisfaction in knowing that he brings healing to those he helps through an awakening, closure, peace, spiritual and financial growth to his clients. By harnessing his gift and financial expertise, Newman Consulting opened in 2016 to further fulfill his personal mission as a respected life and spiritual coach and professional advisor.

Derek has received stellar reviews across the board and has built a high number of clients both online and in-person.

The abilities Derek currently possesses are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience, clairgustance,  claircognizance, remote viewing and mediumship.

Promoting authenticity and erasing the negative stigma that hangs over the psychic medium industry is Derek’s top goal!




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