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Life has a way of making us feel lost and without purpose. Some people stumble through life, looking for meaning and fulfillment. However, we all have access to the Wisdom within us. Once you have accessed this Wisdom, harnessed and managed it, you can become the best version of yourself. You will become an unstoppable force.

Dr. Idara E. Bassey (“Dr. Ee-dair-uh”) is a sought-after speaker and consultant for personal development and self-help. She is a certified practitioner of the healing modality known as the Emotion Code. She also practices its more advanced iteration, the Body Code. She helps people with concerns regarding their physical and emotional wellness, executive performance, relationships, infertility, and PTSD.

Background and Beginnings

Dr. Idara E. Bassey was once a lawyer who worked in Washington D.C. Like any corporate person, she dedicated herself to her career, working until the wee hours of the night. She believed in the purpose of her work. But every day, when she woke up, she realized that each day she was living, was exactly just the same as the previous days.

Born to two spiritual seeker parents, Dr. Idara’s interest and passion for the metaphysical began at a very young age. Her skills in the intuitive arts and energy healing were developed while she was balancing a career as a lawyer. She has developed a unique ability to give her services and counsel in a grounded, practical, and empowering manner to active corporate professionals. She mixes intuitive wisdom with traditional problem-solving techniques for strategic advancement and personal fulfillment. Her training with the metaphysical arts began in 1996.

Now, Dr. Idara devotes herself to helping individuals break through the barriers and challenges that prevent them from living in their true light. Dr. Idara helps her clients achieve and reach their highest potentials by using cutting edge energy healing modalities with the intuitive arts and her own customized coaching techniques.


Dr. Idara is a Clairvoyant, an Energy Healer, an Intuitive, a Counselor, a Life Coach, a Psychometry Reader, and a Spiritual Counselor. For 20 years, she has been coaching people from all walks of life in creating an authentic and meaningful life that is aligned with their highest vision for themselves. She uses intuitive consultation, advanced energy healing modalities, and laser coaching in helping them achieve the best they can be.

Dr. Idara is one of the only five certified practitioners of the Emotion Code and the Body Code in the state of Georgia. The Emotion Code seeks to identify and release the trapped energies in the body caused by past stressful, negative, and impactful experiences and events. She has developed holistic solutions to both personal and corporate challenges through her energy readings, spiritual coaching sessions, and self-empowerment workshops. In addition to being a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, she is also a Certified Six Sensory Practitioner, a Certified Professional Coach, and has Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Certifications.

Dr. Idara is well-published and is the author of the self-help e-book, Supercharge Your Life: How to Use Woo-Woo to Become the Most Fabulous You! which you can buy at Amazon, and the book Reflections of a Mystical Sistah: On Traveling Down the Road to Self-Definition

What Can Dr. Idara Do For You?

Dr. Idara uses her spiritual and psychic gifts, and her understanding of the corporate world to help people with the following services:

Clairvoyant Intuitive Reading

This 10-minute session gives clients the general information given off by their aura. These are the things that the Spirit would like you to know about.

Energy Field Assessment

This is a 10-minute session that gives clients a preliminary briefing about life events that affect their ability to live the best life meant for them. It will also cover whatever personal issues and concerns are affecting you now.

Holistic Life/Business Coaching

This coaching is a 10-minute session. It is basically a dialogue that revolves around specific questions and concerns a client has.

Preliminary Treatment Package

It is a 3-minute to 30-minute session that focuses on the client’s emotional and physical wellness and relationship concerns (Heart Wall Removal). The Heart Wall Removal is a program for those who are experiencing drama in their personal relationships, those who are feeling sad and lonely without knowing why, and those who are attracting the wrong people in their lives.

Executive Coaching for the Whole You

It is coaching work meant to help intelligent, self-aware professional women to feel in the flow, confident, and on fire about their lives. It is a 6-month customized coaching program to enable you to chart your own path to create the ideal life meant for you.

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Let Dr. Idara help you bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. Achieve your life’s full potential and discover your own Light. It is never too late to live the life that is meant for you.




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