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Hey Soulshiner…

Thought I would let you know a little about me. I am a born Intuitive, I was able to hear & see things from the other side from an early age. I remember clear as day when I had my first clairvisual experience when I was 7. Growing up in a strict religious family, I never chose to explore these gifts, but always kept them hidden. I remember in my 20’s that it all got too overwhelming and I remember telling my now Wife that dead people were talking to me and well I thought I was losing it. For many years and in current time I see a Healer of my own. It was not until after giving birth that I answered my calling; Motherhood is one of my favorite things I have done! I had been mentored for years by my wonderful Earthly Teachers & Guides, and it was time for me to spread my wings. I took some classes on how to protect my self and harness the abilities that I have, I quickly opened shop and have been seeing Clients ever since. I also realized that all the time I had spent working in Corporate America, they had been paying me to give readings! Funny how that works.

It is often hard to weed through it all when you are trying to see life thru your eyes, that’s because you are in it, standing right there in it. It is hard to be an observer of your own life or even objective! My sessions are a chance to connect with your Higher Self, Guides and Source Energy. It helps to recalibrate you and to shed what is no longer serving you. Think of me as a Guide on your journey. You are still making your own decisions…but with Guided Guidance. It’s not just about Mind and Body, but Tune Up’s for Your Soul bring it all together and round out the picture.


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Jessika Davis
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Jessika Davis
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