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If you had the chance to understand all of your personal issues and make sense of the world that resides beyond the realm of senses, would you grab that chance and go?

The world today is filled with so much chaos and discord. Luckily, it is also a world where a particular set of talented individuals have the uncanny ability of understanding things that some deem to be impossible. With the help of these trained psychics and intuitives, you can begin your journey to self-discovery, self-healing, and finally find the inner peace that you have been seeking for a long time.

Background and Training

Joy Elle is one of today’s exceptional psychic mediums. She is certified by The Cristovao Brihlo Institute for Crystal Healing and The Johane Rutledge School of Intuition. She also holds a Bachelor of Divinity Degree for Ministry from the Universal Brotherhood. From these credentials alone, you can definitely see that her knack and skill in this field has been affirmed and supported by her peers.

Joy Elle specializes in intuitive and medium readings. She has the ability to feel your energy and the energy surrounding you from day to day. This makes it possible for her to bring forward feelings of closure, peace, healing, and comfort to her clients. It also allows her to provide sound advice when it comes to personal and professional issues.

Since 2004, she has been providing intuitive medium readings to the ministry that she has built, She is an ordained minister, certified Cantor and Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, Theta Healer, Mind Reader, Chakra Balancer, Channel, and Spiritual Counselor on health, career, finances, love, and relationships. Apart from Healing Visions, she has also worked with other organizations in the field of spiritual and metaphysical communities. She has likewise been a steadfast supporter and guide for Indigo and Crystal children.

In 2015, Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics awarded her with the Fabulous Feedback Award, an award that gives commendations to the psychic who has received the best feedback from both peers and clients.

Services Provided by Joy Elle
Joy Elle provides various services in her field. These help individuals gain personal insight, find clarity in their lives, and heal people who have unresolved spiritual issues. To give you an idea of what Joy Elle can do, here are some of her psychic and medium specialties:

• Animal Communicator
In any successful relationship, communication is the key. This also rings true for our relationships with our pets, especially the ones we have been with for a long period of time. Joy Elle has the ability to read and understand animals on a much deeper level, giving the owners a better sense of what their pets think of them, as well as what their pets need at the current time. Health issues, help with behavior, trauma, and other issues can be dealt with in animal communication.

• Reiki Master
Reiki is basically a Japanese technique in promoting healing with the help of stress reduction and induced relaxation. In this technique, the “life force energy” of a person is being utilized and guided by the Reiki master. This treatment focuses on holistic healing. It involves not only the body, but the spirit, emotions, and mind as well.

• Theta Healer
Theta Healing is all about learning, healing, and growing spiritually, emotionally, and mentally through meditation in the Theta state. In this state, people will feel extreme relaxation as their minds are being connected to the Divine. This connection will manifest itself in the real world through several personal changes like lack of anxiety, increased calmness, and clarity.

• Medium and Channel
A medium is someone who communicates between the souls who are currently living and the ones that have passed on. People usually contact mediums when they feel as if something still needs to be said and done after one’s death. A channel, on the other hand, allows spirits to combine directly with their aura in order to better communicate with the people left behind. Joy Elle is both a channel and a medium, and seeking the help of people like Joy Elle gives closure and peace not only to the living, but also to the spirits of the dead.

• Counselor
Being a counselor, Joy Elle gives sound advice to her clients when it comes to issues on health, relationships, love, finance, career, and other personal issues. What makes Joy Elle capable in this field is her ability to sense these things from her psychic intuition, together with assistance from a person’s deceased loved ones and angels.

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If you need personal and spiritual healing, look no further and approach Joy Elle. She has had decades of experience when it comes to spiritual reading, healing, and giving mental clarity to her clients. Her credentials, as well as her various awards, showcase just how dependable and consistent Joy Elle is as a psychic medium.




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