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Marie Katherine Dacanay is a Professional Spirit Medium, Channel, Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Reiki Master, and a Blessings Giver through Oneness University. She has delivered countless documented individual Intuitive and Mediumship Readings since 2011. She is not your usual Psychic. She did not have a divine revelation on her Psychic and Spiritual gifts. It was through Spiritual counseling that Katherine discovered her gifts and natural ability to connect with the spirits of those who had departed and the higher realms.


Background and Training

Before becoming a full time Spirit Medium, Katherine was just like any of us. She took the traditional and normal route to life. She worked for a Healthcare company for over 15 years. She has a strong Medical background and has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

She also underwent training as a personal chef and dreamed of opening her own restaurant. She owned and operated Ahh, Dessert by Katherine. She was a featured Chef for Gobble Inc. and the Indie Food Network. She was featured in the video series Kitchen Mastery and has performed food demonstrations at California Safeway stores for Glenridge Wines. She also co-owned a fusion style restaurant in Mountain View, California.

Katherine had a beautiful and normal childhood, but her Spiritual awareness began at the young and tender age of 4. She went to a Catholic pre-school run by Lutheran nuns and, like most children her age, she would cry when her mother and grandfather would take her to school. Her mom would usually give her 2 smacks on her behind out of frustration with her. For Katherine, the classroom was a scary place. She always felt like she was being watched by the eye-shaped pigments on the heavy doors of the classroom. In her fear, she never turned her back on those doors, even during nap times.

It was during these days that Katherine developed a kinship with an imaginary friend. She did not have lots of friends at school, so she would play with her imaginary friend.

Growing up, these strange occurrences continued. She would see mists, shadowy figures, lights and colors around people, and she would feel eyes watching her every move. However, whenever she talked about these things with other people, they were quick to dismiss it and blame it on her poor eyesight.

Feeling that nobody understood her, Katherine withdrew. During her early teens, her family moved to a bigger house, near a cemetery. Her experience with spirits became more prevalent. They scared her, but she became so used to their presence that her fear of them faded away.

Adulthood didn’t prove to be easier. She started having family and personal issues. She reached out to medical doctors and a forensic psychiatrist, thinking she was depressed or had a mental issue. Instead, her Psychiatrist taught her how to meditate, without any medication or pills.

Reassured that she was normal and nothing was wrong with her, she resorted to self-help books. One of the books that made a mark on her was a book titled “One Day My Soul Opened Up” by Iyanla Vanzant. She began to read about metaphysics and watched Dr. Wayne Dyer on KQED. She also participated in community meditation classes and yoga sessions.

Life started to unfold and make sense when she was led to the right Teachers. One day she made an appointment for a facial, without knowing that the practitioner was actually a Spiritual Healer and that she was in for more than a facial treatment. On that day, she experienced her first ever Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Angel Card Reading. She left feeling better than she had for quite some time.


Workshops and Certifications

Katherine is a Certified Psychic and Medium and a Certified Oneness Blessing Giver / Deeksha Giver. She also has a certification in Energy Healing. In the quest to improve and strengthen her gifts, she is currently attending the Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program at the Kerala Ayurveda Academy.

Katherine facilitates private sessions on the Chakra System, Meditation, and Psychic Development at Sophia Center for Wellness. She also teaches Reiki Energy Healing and is a Spirituality Center Learn it Live Expert.


What can Katherine do for you?

Life can sometimes be confusing, and you can be overwhelmed with everything that is thrown on your plate. Katherine is here to help you make sense of what you are going through and to give you Spiritual guidance. You can call her for the following services:

  • Mediumship Reading In-Person
  • Mediumship Reading via Phone
  • Group Reading
  • Psychic/Intuitive Guidance In-Person
  • Psychic/Intuitive Guidance via Phone
  • Psychic/Intuitive Reading via E-mail
  • Urgent Reading via Phone

Katherine can do healing sessions for you! She offers the following services:

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl – Sound Healing Session
  • Reiki Energy Healing with Aromatherapy
  • Reiki Distance Healing
  • Energy Healing with Crystals
  • Remote Space Healing

She can also help you discover and hone your own Psychic abilities through her Private Mentorship Cafe.

Life is beautiful. Let Katherine help you feel confident, safe and secure in the path that you are taking. Get the guidance you need for your relationships, career, or your business. Listen to what the Spirit has to tell you. Let Spirit direct you to the direction that you are meant to take.



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