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Welcome friends! My name is Keiko Broyles. I am the owner of Willows Healing Path,LLC. I am a Psychic Spiritual Medium and also a certified Reiki Master.

Ever since I was a young girl, I was very sensitive. I grew up seeing, talking, hearing, and feeling the spirits around me in my house where I grew up. I’ve always known though it wasn’t the house that was actually haunted, but it was the land that was haunted, and those spirits came through my mother’s three-way-mirror vanity in her bed room very often. I was also very connected with nature and tree spirits. I felt as if I could actually hear what they are thinking or saying.

My parents provided my brother and I with a financially stable life, but not without some sacrifices. Since my parents were at work sometimes 7 days a week, working very late, we didn’t get to see them. One family member was home bound with multiple mental illnesses including violent outbursts and blackouts which put stress and chaos into our family life. I was also obese as a child and became a victim of being bullied in a school and that triggered my eating disorder during my teenage years. I believe those challenges and experiences that I had as a young child helped me to connect with people who are having difficult time. They taught me to have compassion and empathy towards all living things and mold me into who I am today.

I wish to offer you a chance to take a first step on your new path towards your well being and true happiness. I want to help you to clear your old emotional scars and restore them with peace, love, forgiveness and self acceptance. My journey to spiritual enlightenment and growth will continue, and my passion to connect with the spirit world will never fade. I have studied Advanced Mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in Essex England and also being mentored by a worldly renown Medium, Tony Stockwell.  Thank you for reading my story and thank you for letting me be your service. I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon.


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Keiko Broyles
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