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Lauren has been tested and endorsed seven times for accuracy as a Professional Psychic and Medium, is Catholic, and was gifted from God at the age of two years old after developing permanent double vision after an illness where she could see into two realms simultaneously.  Lauren is also an Endorsed Research Medium for Voices Across The Veil, a program to prove the afterlife.

Here is the review from Dr. Grega “Lauren Bortolami is an Endorsed Medium on AfterlifeData’s Voices Across The Veil project. It is the largest research project of Life After Death in the world. She is part of a small select group of world class mediums who provide small group sessions to people from around the world. Lauren is an extraordinary evidential medium, that is she is able to provide confirming information to the sitter that the person who is communicating to her from the “other side” is who he or she claims to be. We are extremely appreciative and thankful that she has agreed to participate in this research and highly recommend her to those interested in contacting a loved one that has transitioned across the veil.  Dennis Grega, PhD”

Lauren works with clients over the phone, through voice recorded readings for those in different time zones or need privacy, or sees clients in her office a few times a week in Massachusetts. She is the consummate professional that craves balance in both worlds. You may book appointments online through her website or call her to set an appointment.

Lauren is constantly contacted by producers to share her story and was under agreement for a possible television show from 2013 to 2014 and has over 150 written reviews, online radio interviews, and media files you see online or on Lauren’s website.


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Lauren Bortolami Robbins
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