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Since time immemorial, Psychics and Intuitives have helped and guided the rich, the famous and the powerful people in the history of mankind. Kings, Queens, Presidents, Celebrities, Businessmen, and the world’s Leaders have all sought the help of Professional Intuitives in making important decisions and life changing plans. Professional Psychics and Intuitives have the capacity to be secret weapons on why these types seem to attract all the good things in life.

What would you do if you had a secret weapon, helping and guiding you along the way, with important decisions? The possibilities are limitless! With the help of an accurate and authentic Psychic, you can overcome the barriers that are limiting your potential.


Background and Training

Mary O’Maley holds an MS in Holistic Nutritional Health Science. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Hypnotherapy Instructor at the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF). She was awarded with the IHF Award of Excellence. Mary specializes in Past Life Regression and is part of the board of the Past Life Research Institute (PLRI). Her Metaphysical studies and trainings strengthened and ignited her Psychic and Mediumship gifts and abilities.

Mary is an Akashic Record Reader, Angel Communicator, Animal Communicator/Intuitive, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Psychic, Intuitive Counselor, Life Coach, Oracle Card Reader, Psychic Medium, and a Spiritual Counselor. She is an award-winning Hypnotherapist and Psychic Medium, specializing in life’s transitions.

Mary connects with her client’s guides and her own, as well as other Higher Beings that are available to help and give guidance. She has three guides who are Archangels, and collectively, they call themselves Anantha. Anantha can also assist her in connecting with other Archangels and beings to bring clarity.


What Can Mary Do For You?

Mary offers a variety of Psychic services that can help you whenever you are in doubt, confused or lost.

  1. Psychic Readings/Mediumship

A reading is all about YOU! It is the opportunity to check in on your destiny and life path. The Universe, your Spirit Guides, and your Higher Consciousness have the answers to all your questions: Love, Health, Wealth and Life in general. In Mediumship, Mary will help you communicate with the people who have passed on to the next life, as well as with those are still on this Earth. She does this by connecting with her guides, as well as with her clients’ guides. And since Mary is a healer by nature, you may receive energy healing along with your reading session.

  1. Intuitive Counseling and Coaching

Mary will help you hear your inner wisdom by connecting with your Spirit Guides and Angels. Your path will be illuminated and you’ll be able to focus on that path. In these sessions, Mary can aid in your forward movement, even when everything is confusing and overwhelming. The sessions can be carried out in-person, by phone, or via Skype.

  1. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an activity where the client is induced in a state of trance, or a dreamlike state. Through hypnosis, Mary can access the subconscious mind where all your habit patterns are stored. Through this, new behaviors can be established. Your body may seem like it’s asleep, but most people are aware during hypnosis. The hypnotist is just a guide, and you can resist instructions that are uncomfortable for you. It is rare that a person does not remember their session. Hypnotherapy adds a deeper awareness and experience. It is a powerful work. Mary can ask your subconscious mind at what point in your life a behavior or thought pattern was created and heal it at that point. It usually involves finding past life experiences and spontaneous healing. It is an amazing process.

  1. Past Life Regression

It is a recalling, while in dreamlike state, of another time. As a therapy, PLR can heal relationships and physical ailments, and can bring understanding of behaviors and phobias.

  1. Energy Healing

Mary combines pure energy from the Spiritual healers that are available to you, using unique crystal combinations. It brings energetic relief and clears and resets your Chakras for healing and success. It identifies and unlocks energy blockages that can cause you physical, as well as emotional stress.

  1. The Ultimate Session

The Ultimate, which can last up to 4 hours. includes intuitive consulting, energy therapy, hypnotherapy and other modalities that Mary can provide for you as you need them. The program begins by working on one issue at a time. It uses a combination of therapies designed to release and reset the body, mind, and Spirit.


When Should You Contact Mary O’Maley?

  • When you need help to navigate the changes in your life. Let Mary be your Psychic Scout.
  • When you need to resolve grief and connect with someone who has passed on to the next life.
  • When you feel lost and you need to reconnect with yourself and your highest guidance.
  • When you need to communicate with your pets who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Mary gives a holistic and alternative approach to our mental, physical and Spiritual well-being. Change the way you think, what you do and what you attract, right now!


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Mary O’Maley, MSHN, CHtI
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Mary O’Maley, MSHN, CHtI
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Mary O’Maley, MSHN, CHtI
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Mary O’Maley, MSHN, CHtI



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