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I have been a Psychic all my life since childhood. I have been doing readings for over 20 years helping others keep on the path of their highest good.  I connect with my Spirit Guides and Healing Guides to work with you and help you see the direction your life is headed clearly. Whether it is love, relationships, life purpose, or working with loved ones that have passed on I look forward to helping deliver the message you need at this very moment.

This is My Why…
Everyone Has a Purpose and This is Mine

I have always had a great desire to help people. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the light bulb go off in someone’s head where now they understand a major puzzle of their lives. I feel it is a great privilege to be able to relay messages of hope that provide clarity and validate a person’s instincts. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we can be a bit awkward with ourselves at times and need a guiding light. We can’t always see the path in front of us. That’s where people like myself can come in and help.

I have always had intuitive gifts as a child. I grew up in an alcoholic and unstable home where the only stability was my intuition. It protected me and gave me that clear line of sight that I needed to survive. I was given select life experiences so that I would be able to help others in the future as I evolved as a person. I’m able to combine my real life experiences along with my intuitiveness in a unique way that allows me to empathize with others on a particular level. You can read more about my life experience through my book Onward Rising.

I believe everyone has an intuition some of us just operate on different levels and have different purposes for using our gifts. My soul purpose is to help you get through life’s speed bumps and begin coasting fluidly on your path. My goal is to help you see clearly and to understand the different spiritual lessons that occur.

Whether it is one of my books you are reading or a one-on-one intuitive reading my goal is to make living your life a simple process with an empowering journey. Everyone is entitled to love and happiness and it is my mission to help you embrace what you deserve.


I work with my guides to connect with your loved ones and help deliver the messages that you need to hear. This is best performed in an online chat so that I can connect with your energy and the spirits around you.


Do you have a relationship you want to ask about? Do you want to see if there is a soulmate in your near future? Find out about your current relationship and get to know the intentions of the person you are with.


Find out what your life mission is and what your purpose was agreed upon before your birth. Find out if you are on the right path with your career.


Get insights on your business. Get insights on different areas to tap into and different potentials.


Sometimes there are issues that carry over from our past life that we need to gain an understanding on. Gain insight to what these issues might be so you can recognize them and work through them.

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Rev. Meilena Hauslendale
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Rev. Meilena Hauslendale



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