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Patricia’s psychic gifts began to appear after she survived a major stroke and  began to have mystical experiences that could not be explained.

She has been gifted with the ability to heal others with the use of Reiki and her intuitive gifts.

Patricia began to interact with what she believes are Angels, spirit guides and passed over loved ones which led her to find ways to heal herself physically , mentally and emotionally. 

Patricia has been teaching others to develop their own Intuitive gifts for over 10 years. She is a Healer’s Healer and a Spiritual Teacher’s teacher.

Her book, “The Angel’s Orchestra – A little book that takes you on a big Spiritual Journey,” was written about the mystical signs she received that guided her on a physical and spiritual healing journey around synchronicities and miracles. 

“I believe in Angels and I believe in magic and in the light and the goodness in the world.”

Having obtained her Bachelor’s of metaphysics from the University of Sedona, her ministry is a spiritual one.

“I believe Angels are around us and if we open ourselves up to their guidance we can live a life of wonder and magic.”

Patricia is a Crystal Expert and can helps others to discover and incorporate into the lives the crystals they need in their lives. 

Patricia is certified or well studied in the following healing modalities, techniques and spiritual practices. Many of these techniques she teaches to others.

Bachelors of Metaphysical Ministry, University of Sedona

Author – The Angel’s Orchestra – A Little Book that take you on a Big Spiritual Journey

Counseling Certification – U of Sedona

Metaphysical Practitioner – U of Sedona

ICRT Professional Level Master Reiki Teacher and Practitioner 


Angel Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings


Past Life Regression facilitator

Automatic Writer

Angel Practitioner®

Crystal Healer, Intuitive, and Crystal Educator

Owner – Sacred Spaces Pillowcases and Sacred Spaces Crystal Stones

Essential Oils and Flower Essences provider (Young Living)

Inspirational and Informational Metaphysical Speaker

Online Crystal store and Personal Crystal Shopper


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