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The Southern Style Medium Sharon Pugh is Internationally Known & highly respected, TRIPLE TESTED & CERTIFIED as both a Psychic & Medium *ultimate Intuitive, Life Coach & Relationship Expert. Voted #8 Psychic Medium in the world by public poll. *worked with Networks (NBC and CBS) & coming to OM TIMES RADIO. winner of Fabulous Feedback Award of the year over top world Psychics.**  Popular Radio Host on OM Times Radio/Media. Areas of expertise: LOVE, CAREER, FEELING STUCK?, WHAT’S IN YOUR FUTURE? MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT, energy healing, energy scanning. During every reading, Sharon simultaneously clears and re balances your chakras while enlightening you with what you are suppose to know.
This true Georgia peach was born and raised in the Deep South. And with a father who served as a remote viewer for the FBI, it was a matter of time before Sharon realized her specials gifts. At twelve years old, Sharon acknowledged her ability and began to harness its strength. Recognizing the positive force behind her metaphysical connection, Sharon has had the privilege of advising a variety of people with a vast selection of concerns.


Background and History

Sharon Pugh was born and raised in the Deep South. Her father served as a remote viewer for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Later on, Sharon discovered her own special Spiritual gifts and talents. At 12 years old, Sharon recognized and acknowledged her gifts and abilities, and she began to train and harness their strength. Accepting the positive and helpful force behind her metaphysical connection, Sharon started to give advice and counsel to a variety of people with assorted concerns and problems.

Throughout the years, hundreds of clients have consulted and sought guidance from Sharon Pugh to resolve their personal problems and existential crises. Her gift of Mediumship allows her to serve as a connection between the living and their loved ones who have passed away. Her Remote Viewing gift has helped many people locate their missing pets, belongings, and loved ones. It also enables her to help resolve various crimes. Her ability to explore the past lives of other people allows her to facilitate catharsis, healing, and to predict future events.

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics awarded Sharon the Fabulous Feedback Award in 2013. She was tested and verified as a Professional Certified Psychic by the Certified Psychic Society. Hailed as the 8th Most Popular Medium in the World, Sharon has been published in Maximillien de Lafayette.

Sharon is an established Radio and TV personality. She was part of two major television pilots with S. Pictures, Grafton Street Productions, and The Alfred Group (NBC). She has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows, including Haunted South. She is a Subject Matter Expert for the National Cold Case Research Institute.


What Can Sharon Do For You?

Sharon Pugh offers both phone and in-person readings. She offers the following phone services to her clients:

  • As an expressive and intuitive Medium, Sharon can see and hear the Spirits of people who have crossed over to the next life. Deceased loved ones are helpful in guiding clients and giving the right answers to their doubts and questions.
  • As a Psychic, Sharon can connect with her clients on an empathic and intuitive level. Wearing her Psychic hat, she gives advice and guidance on matters about love, relationships, career, and personal matters.
  • As a Spiritual Coach, Sharon offers interpersonal guidance on any issues in our lives. She doesn’t aim to replace a Psychologist or a Medical Doctor. Instead, she offers enlightenment from a whole different view, with the help of your Spirit Guides, Angels and deceased loved ones.
  • As an Animal Communicator, Sharon can help you find your missing pets. She can also help give peace and closure to furbabies’ Moms and Dads whose beloved pets have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Sharon also performs Energy and Chakra work. It is an intense 90-minute phone session. This is the session for you if you have a heavy, helpless feeling in your home. Homes can develop buildup of crud. Sharon can clear and balance the energy of your home. She can also clear and realign your Chakras, finishing the session with a relaxing and healing meditation.

In addition, Sharon offers Boutique or in-person sessions. She can do the readings at her office or in the comfort of your home. These readings are longer and are more intense than phone readings. At the end of each session, she will integrate energy work by clearing, cleaning, and realigning your Chakras.

Sharon also offers “Message from the Spirit” Parties. She is available for private, in-home Psychic Parties. She can read for a group of 10, 15, or 20 people. These gatherings or parties are arranged in a casual and relaxed setting, and there are no strict requirements for them. Foods and non-alcoholic drinks can also be served.

Here, attendees are divided into groups of 5, and one hour is devoted for a meeting with each group. After these meetings, one-on-one private reading sessions are conducted, wherein 15 minutes are given to each member of the group.


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