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I am Shelly J. Miller and I am an Intuitive Counselor and a Medium.  I have come to be known for accessing deeply accurate information in a candid, yet compassionate way.  My laser sharp insights will help you to gain clarity, comfort and peace to transform every aspect of your life.

I use my psychic and mediumship abilities to get answers to questions regarding your diverse personal issues and to understand and shed light on the dynamics of relationships of every kind.  This is the benefit of intuitive counseling where I utilize spiritual principles to help you negotiate change at every level and to heal.

My business clients benefit from my business advice with a spiritual focus.  My business coaching includes helping you to become the best person you can be, so that you may become the best leader you can be.  I have had the pleasure of bringing through detailed global visions for my client’s companies, while effectively sorting out the practical day to day operations of running a business; for example, dealing with the proper structure of leases, budgets, and giving careful guidance with regard to purchasing property, as well as traversing the intricacies of employee relationships.

Many people nowadays are searching for their Divine Purpose so they may live a life in alignment with their highest good and that of all concerned.  We are all seeking for happiness.  “What is my purpose?” is the number one question I am asked by my clients.  The truth is, our real purpose is to use the experience of time/space to get Home to a place of unconditional love for ourselves and each other, to an experience of eternal peace, joy and abundance where no lack of any kind exists.  When connected to Spirit, that which you truly are, your personal journey will lead you home.  You need only the willingness to make it so.

I can guide you to discover your personal path and help you to illuminate and release the limiting patterns of thought and belief that keep you from living the life you deserve.  I am more than an Intuitive and a Coach, I am a powerful Navigator with the ability to connect you to your truest and best self.  If you are ready to dig deeper and soar higher to a happier more successful, more peaceful you-you’ve come to the right place.  Join me on the journey from chaos to peace, from tears to laughter and from fear to love.  It is an honor to serve you.

About Me:  I have had my psychic and mediumship gifts since I was an infant and through the years of advanced spiritual study have refined them to a powerful skillset that I have been using to serve others in a professional capacity since 1992.  I have served as a channel for The Ascended Masters, The Angelic Realm, The Galactic Brotherhood of Light, and the Devic Kingdoms

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairscentient, Clairgustance, Clairtangency, Clairempathy

What You Can Expect From Your Reading:  You can expect to feel loved and supported by me.  I read without judgement and I provide a safe haven for even difficult issues to come to the surface so they may be healed.  My clients tell me I am friendly, compassionate, warm, kind and funny.

I offer Private Sessions, Coaching, Business Advisory services in person, by phone or by Skype.  I also offer Speaking Events, Audience Demonstrations, and Workshops for your group, club, company, fundraiser or foundation.  My speaking style is warm, engaging and humorous, and my message is one of inspiration, comfort, hope and empowerment.  “You are not alone.  You are loved. Spirit is always listening and always guiding you.”  This is a valuable and transformational message for people of any age group, young or old.


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