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I will help you get the answers….it’s what I do!  I sincerely want to help you get the answers which you seek, and love making this journey a little easier.  You will find your time with me not only enlightening, but actually uplifting and often fun.

I am a natural born psychic medium who lives in Los Angeles, California and am blessed to have studied with the best in the field of metaphysics.  As a twice tested, ethical and accurate psychic medium with Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, a member of The Certified Psychic Society, and a tested Psychic and Spiritual Advisor with Lisa Williams, I take this work very seriously and therefore hold several advanced certificates in this area.  (When looking for a medium, I suggest looking for someone who has spent a great amount of time studying to improve her gift; you wouldn’t want an accountant who was only good with numbers, would you?)  I therefore am constantly working to improve my techniques so I can better serve others.  This IS my life’s purpose and something I am VERY passionate about.  My straightforward and enthusiastic approach is appreciated by my clients from all around the world.  I was a high school teacher for more than 20 years and therefore come from a very grounded and practical place.

I continue to learn and frequently attend  world renowned Arthur Findlay College in England several times a year.  I also do many public demonstrations and charity events.  Life is good and I am very excited to be alive and helping others.

Phone readings are just as effective as face to face readings!

Before considering a reading…
Do you know there is a difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading?

A Psychic Reading
During a psychic reading, Susan will align her soul and chakra system to the person with whom she is reading. By connecting her energy to the client’s, she is able to obtain information through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing) and clairsentience (feeling). This is a person to person (soul to soul) connection.

A Mediumship Reading
A medium takes a psychic reading a step further. Through using her psychic abilities, Susan connects directly with those who have crossed over, as well as spirit guides and angels. Since she relies on a non-physical energy outside herself, she is able to achieve this by keeping her vibration at a very high level, while these beings slow theirs down to allow for a connection between the two. Spirits will use the previously mentioned “Clairs” to pass along desired evidential information using Susan as the “medium.”


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Susan Schueler
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New Earth Psychic Expo Psychic Fun Audience Readings

Join Professional Psychic Mediums Susan Schueler and Lorri Walker in Alisa Viejo, California for an evening of psychic fun and games audience readings on Saturday, June 18th from 1-2 pm. This is a FREE event for both the event, as well as for all the speakers. Susan and Lorri go on at6 1 pm1
Bring your questions!

psychic audience readings, live psychic readings, psychic comedy
Psychic Fun Night

Join Professional Psychic Mediums Susan Schueler and Terrie Huberman in Huntington Beach, California for an evening of psychic fun and games audience readings on Saturday, June 25th at 7 pm. Tickets are $35 at:
Bring your questions!

Please join us for a morning of messages from Spirit with 6 mediums
Colby’s Spiritual Service

Join us on Saturday, April 9th at The Gateway at 2503 S Barrington, LA 90064 for a healing morning of Spirit messages with 6 mediums. Donation only!

Healing Messages from Spirit!
An Evening of Mediumship with 3 Mediums

Join 3 gifted mediums in Huntington Beach, California for an evening of healing messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

Saturday, April 9th at 7-9
Tickets are $25 ($30 at door) at

Mystical Realms Bookstore
307 3rd Street Suite 101
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

4 Gifted Mediums!
An Evening of Mediumship in Sherman Oaks

Please join us for this mediumship event at Aum and Garden in Sherman Oaks on Saturday, May 7th. These 4 gifted mediums will be bringing through your loved ones in Spirit.
Tickets are $35 pre sale ($40 at the door) at

Aum and Garden
13365 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Games, fun and a Free Demonstration!
Psychic Fun and Audience Readings

Psychic Fun and Audience Readings at The New Earth Psychic Expo in Lake Balboa

Susan Schueler and Terrie Huberman will be playing psychic games and doing audience readings during this fun event.
Airtel Hotel
7277 Valjean Avenue
Lake Balboa, CA 91406
May 22, 2016
FREE Demonstration with admission at 12:30 to 1:30 pm
FREE pass at:

Special Guest - Medium Lisa Williams
Psychic Fun Night Charity Event

Psychic Fun Night Charity Event With Special Guest British Medium Lisa Williams

Join Los Angeles based professional psychic mediums Susan Schueler and Lorri Walker for this evening of psychic fun and games, audience psychic and mediumship readings, and even some psychic techniques for the audience to try at home. These ladies will be joined by special guest, international British Medium and TV star, Lisa Williams.

ALL proceeds (every penny) go toward the building of The Alix Rice Memorial Skate Park near in Buffalo to ensure that young people in the Buffalo area have a safe place to skateboard.

There will be exciting raffles, door prizes, and even a few psychic reading giveaways. This will be a fun and interactive evening, so bring your questions and sense of humor!

Tickets are $35 at:
Tuesday, July 19th
7pm to 9 pm

Adam’s Mark Hotel
120 Church Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
(FREE Parking)

Alix Rice(18 year old Alix Rice (1992-2011 ) was killed by a drunk driver while she was on her skateboard on July 8th, 2011. She is Psychic Medium Susan Schueler’s youngest niece and Godchild.


Susan Schueler



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