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Sylvia is a nationally and internationally known psychic clairvoyant and medium, giving detailed readings with accurate time-frames for over 35 years. Sylvia was born with her psychic abilities, which flow through her Jewish mother’s family for multiple generations.

At age 3, Sylvia had a near death experience from a drowning accident which increased her abilities to connect to higher spiritual realms. At a very young age she was aware of being different than other children and having abilities that others did not. However, because she was raised as strict Catholic, she did not feel comfortable using her prophetic gifts and abilities professionally to help others till she was in her early twenties.

After leaving an abusive marriage, Sylvia continued her education as a single mother, earning a Bachelors Degree of Science in Social and Behavioral Sciences with honors from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, followed by her Doctorate of Law from Seattle University School of Law, Seattle, Washington. In law school, Sylvia served as vice president of her scholastic legal fraternity Phi Delta Phi. It was while attending law school that Sylvia had an experience where she was directed by Spirit to use her prophetic gifts to help others on their life path rather than the practice of law. As a result, while finishing law school, she began giving online live phone readings through the single largest online psychic network, then incorporated to offer phone readings to private clients as well.

*Sylvia is highly accurate in precise time-frames for events to happen*, which is the one thing most other psychic readers have a difficult time pinpointing for clients. She is able to swiftly and accurately connect to higher realms for your messages and uses NO TOOLS to aid her. She only needs your first name or that of anyone you have questions about to directly connect with their energy through Spirit and the Archangels.

A reading with Sylvia allows you to benefit by receiving extremely accurate details, time-frames for events to happen, descriptions of potential mates, and helpful information on what is ahead on your life path. She will also provide you with direction, tools and guidance to important aspects of present and future life circumstances.

The messages and counsel she receives come from God, the Holy Spirit, Archangels and your own personal “higher self” or loved ones who have passed. Additionally, Sylvia is able to “remote view” to tell about situations and people or lost objects at great distances without being present. She also specialize in identification of negative spirits attached to properties, in homes or on people, providing resources to deal effectively with these matters.

Sylvia connects as a Medium with loved ones who have passed to the other side, providing healing to living family members or friends. Often clients find missing pieces of the puzzle and closure through their connection made possible by Sylvia bridging the gap with these loved ones from the other side. For a full list of Sylvia’s psychic abilities, please see her website.

Sylvia says, ” I am passionate about working with God and the Archangels for the information I receive for you and I am deeply honored in being allowed to speak with you and pass messages to help guide, sooth and heal.” In addition, Sylvia has always served in her community as a volunteer in various capacities of giving back and presently volunteers through her church for home and property cleansing from dark spirits.

Additional Information: Sylvia is extremely compassionate and strives to provide tools for her clients growth, transformation, and independent use beyond the readings she provides. She believes in nurturing Spiritual growth and development of her clients own intuitive abilities and not encouraging dependent relationships with clients. Clients privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to her. Additional information about Sylvia is available on her website.


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