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View your circumstances with greater clarity Detect the hidden roadblocks Rid limiting habits Improve your important relationships Move forward with greater confidence Create the life you want and are divinely designed for.

Wonder why some areas of your life seem to flow with an innate and natural ease while others seem to provide the same lesson over and over again? Find yourself facing the same challenges with love, money, career, or relationships?

If you are looking for how things got the way they are and practical guidance for getting going in the right direction… then you are in the right place!

Sometime being human is a tough job. You want to make wise choices but your inner voice, instincts, and intuition are muffled by your expectation, fears, and past experiences…. and another intuitive voice would be extremely helpful.

Welcome, my name is Terri Weston. I’m a psychic, numerologist, and intuitive development instructor. And I’m looking forward to talking to you.


How I Work

Using my unique blend of the clairvoyance & clairaudience along with traditional playing cards, numerology, and automatic writing, I work as a conduit, passing along Divine messages and practical insights for helping you move forward with clarity, courage, and confidence. 

♥ Love, dating, relationships, marriage concerns ♦ Parenting questions ♥ Aging parents and elder care issues ♦ Career concerns and opportunities ♥ Business strategies ♦ Money & finances ♥ (Re)location ♦ Timing ♥ (Hidden) motivations and influences ♦ Releasing what no longer serves you (to make space for the life you really want) ♥ Leveraging your past to create the present and future your heart desires


Your questions are important to me because they are important to you!

Don’t be shy about clicking through for an immediate reading to address your immediate questions and concerns. 



Please realize that the messages that come through in a reading may not be what you want to hear but are what you are meant to hear in order to help you make positive choices and move forward with clarity and confidence.


Visit  www.askterriweston.com

…to learn more about my services for private readings, private parties, & special event… as well as courses for developing your own psychic gifts!


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Terri Weston
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