All Dogs Do Go to Heaven

All Dogs Do Go to Heaven

Because I am a Medium, I read for many people who ask me about their pets who have passed over. They ask me lots of questions…Is my pet in heaven? Are they okay? What are they doing over there? Did they know that they were loved? And so many other questions because…well…just like when they lose a beloved human…they want peace and closure with their pet. They want to know that the animal they raised and cared for is safe and knows how loved they were on earth. Our pets are our children and when they pass, we grieve the same way we grieve a family member. So I tell them yes, our pets do go to heaven.

How do I know? Well…I see departed pets in their spiritual form.

Yes…I see the spirits of animals. And not only with my third eye…but with my physical eyes. I discovered that I could see the spirits of animals when my beagle Dudley came to visit me three years after he passed away.

You see…Dudley loved to eat (like any dog). And I was making food for friends who were coming to dinner that evening. My other two dogs, Maggie and Henry, were stretched out on the kitchen floor catching an afternoon nap and I was making brownies. (yum!) The oven timer suddenly went off and as I turned to take the food out of the oven Dudley walked into the kitchen and stood in the doorway gazing deeply into my eyes. It was as if I had taken a picture out of an album that I hadn’t looked at in 20 years. All the memories came flooding into my mind. How soft his long ears were and how short his little legs were. How velvety soft his little tongue was when he would kiss my chin and how broad his chest was. In life this dog had been so precious to me. I was unable to have human children and he fulfilled so many needs for a childless woman who wanted babies. I stood there and stared at him for as long as I could, which was probably all of 20 seconds or so, turned to do some small task and when I turned back he was gone. I returned to my work preparing food. Slowly I came back into my body realizing that I had received a visit from my precious fur baby. I thanked him out loud for visiting and told him how much I loved him.

It was later that I processed the information that he had conveyed to me during his visit. He told me how loved ones on the other side experience the grief of the loved ones they leave behind and he told me he wouldn’t be visiting me as much anymore because he had work to do on the other side. But he said he would be visiting occasionally…and he has. Every now and then I feel him jump on the bed or I hear his nails on the floor and I smile knowing that my sweet pup is well on the other side…that he is just over the veil.
Recently I lost another fur baby named Henry. I don’t feel him around me like I did when Dudley passed, but I think that is because I know that I will see him again on the other side someday.

So yes…I tell my clients that their pets are safe and well on the other side. And I share any messages that they give to me to deliver. Because all dogs do go to Heaven.

Author: Jody Higgins Jennifer Schmitt - Etsy

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