Ancestral Clearing and Healing

Ancestral Clearing and Healing

Do you understand how deeply your Ancestors care about your life and are invested in your time on Earth?

Your Ancestors are just some of the non-physical support available to you, and it is important to understand how you can best work with them and allow them to support you.

I first started working with my Ancestors and my Ancestral Lineage when I was a Therapist. My specialty was Generational Dysfunction. I continued with this interest and passion when I moved out of therapy and into working as a Psychic, Medium, and Healer.

Your Ancestors’ ability to support you and help you through this life is profound. They can guide you and teach you in very practical and powerful ways. Imagine what strengths, gifts, talents, and traits flow through your Ancestral Lineage and through your bloodline. When you tap into this and allow yourself to receive these, you are able to be more of who you are.

Your Ancestral Line is a part of your Personal Power that runs through you and gives you the capabilities you need to be here and do the work you are here to do, the work you are made to do. The land your Ancestors stood on holds power for you, as well.

Become aware of this support and the calling within you to carry your lineage forward. When you agree to do this, you carry the Power of your entire line and can heal backward and forward 7 generations. Think of that! You can positively and profoundly affect and impact 14 generations in your bloodline.

You gain so much Power when you learn how to draw energy from your Ancestral Lineage. Many people have shut off all access to this, because of the clearing and healing that has not been done and the issues that remain unresolved and create continued pain and wounding.

When you learn how to work with your Ancestors through first Clearing and Healing and then through Reclamation and Assimilation, your world absolutely transforms.

Every generation is called to carry forward the Evolutionary trajectory of their Ancestral Heritage. It becomes their duty to make the best use of their Ancestral Blessings as they look to the future while healing what no longer serves them from the past. This healing addresses generational dysfunction, trauma, wounds, behaviors, limiting beliefs, resistance, toxic energetic patterns, and ways of being, doing, and having.

Understand that, as a Soul, you selected a specific family lineage. This lineage was chosen to provide tremendous opportunity for Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment. When you are able to break free from the limiting patterns of the past, it will allow your Ancestors to break free from their bonds, also.

You are able to connect with your Ancestors, heal what needs to be healed, reveal what needs to be revealed, and honor them with your own personal Spiritual practices. You can allow the Ancestral abilities and knowledge to flow through you when you clear the blocks you have put in place as a way to protect yourself.

This is a powerful step for you in moving forward, making peace with your past and paving a way for your better life and a better future for you and all those who come after you.

Author: Michelle Barr

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