Angel Questions

Angel Questions

Questions about angels are popular. A few of them are addressed below:

Question: Are there any crystals I can use to connect with the angels?

Answer: Crystals have a special affinity with the angelic realms. The angels have a specific Crystal with which you can further your spiritual journey to connect with the angels to receive guidance, healing and wisdom. Angels are drawn to crystals. Crystal vibrations help us to attune to and communicate with our angels: Archangel Michael for evoking protection, truth. Use Tiger’s eye. Protection from negative influences.

Aquamarine helps one to speak their truth!

Here are a few crystals to connect with the angels:

Archangel Raphael for healing  – Aventurine, green in colour 

Archangel Chamuel for love- Rose Quartz, pink in colour 

Archangel Gabriel for prophecy  – Lapis Lazuli, blue in colour 


Question: Is there a connection between the angelic realms and chakras ?

Answer: The Angels have a connection to our well being by flooding their healing light through the seven major chakras and they support our well being.

Angels always assist you by connecting to a particular chakra that you feel is out of balance and each Chakra links the physical body: the ethereal body, the emotional body, and mental body. Each Chakra is responsible for a particular area. With that in mind, the angels use these energy centres to assist us in refining the energy we produce and help us to receive Spiritual energy. Angels understand the great importance of this connection and wait for your request for them to connect their angelic healing.


Question: If I want to make an altar to the angels what shall I put on it and how do I use it?

Answer: Creating an angelic environment such as an Altar will establish a beautiful and strong connection with the angelic realms and this is greatly important because the energy will allow a deeper connection. In creating an altar to the angels, it is first important that you purify the area you intend to use,  this will help to dispel any negativity that may have accumulated within that area. 

Open all windows within that area,  clear clutter, play spiritual music as this will increase positive vibrations.

Angels respond to beauty, it is beneficial to use:

Crystals which you are drawn to – this will help you to release stress and create calm within your Aura that is around your body. Holding your favourite crystals will also assist you in connecting to your Angels. 

You can cover a small box or table, perhaps with a beautiful cloth special to you. 

Fresh flowers always help to connect you to the angel of nature. Having an angel placed on your altar and angel crystals which are available to buy, brings you closer to your affirmations and intentions and will assist you in COSMIC ORDERING your wishes. 

A candle of any colour you feel pulled to light, brings the angelic realms closer to your wishes. Burning frankincense, Jasmine oil will give off joy, protection, and psychic insights. 

How you choose to create your alter is up to you and you may decide to do more with your ideas. Spending time, just a few minutes each day, will build up the angelic energy and help you to connect much easier. 


Question: Do the angels have their own language?

Answer: Angels respond to sacred languages and sounds, hence the use of the sacred languages such as scripts are often used in magical ritual and there are five sacred  languages:

Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese and Egyptian.  They have powerful sounds and vibration due to the acoustic vibration that occurs when spoken.

Using sacred script to the angels brings a connection of light between the script and the angelic energy which materialises through thoughts. 

Example: using such languages that the angels connect to fills your body with astral light and connects you to the higher kingdom (crown chakra). 

Using the sacred names of God is one of them.

Author: Samantha Hamilton

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