Angels Calling: Spiritual Messages and You

Angels Calling: Spiritual Messages and You

When was the last time one of your angels spoke to you? You may not know this yet, but angels are continually sending messages to us. The secret to hearing them is knowing how, and where, to listen and observe. There’s no “secret frequency,” like a radio show between stations…instead, the secret lies in our ability to tune in spiritually.

          Angels, who are beings of Spirit, send messages to us in subtle ways. Have you ever heard your favorite song when you needed cheer? Maybe you’ve observed a string of meaningful numbers on the license plate in front of you? These are perfect examples of angelic communication at work. Most of us lead busy lives and we’re not inclined to pay attention to these small details. Once we start seeing patterns in the chaos, though, we may wonder how we never saw them before.

          There have been countless stories about people who have suddenly heard a “little voice” offering advice or followed a gut feeling. Some may call this simply human intuition. However, angels are also known to communicate in this way. The messages may not always make sense at the time, or they may simply be snippets of information. Let’s say the name “Caitlin” came to you. You may not know anyone by that name…only to discover later that it’s a person you’re meant to have in your life. Perhaps you meet a Caitlin at work or school and strike up an immediate friendship. Maybe Caitlin is a manager who wishes to hire you for your dream job. That’s the power of an angelic message!

          Likewise, images and dialogue from dreams can be angels speaking to you. Dreams are the borderland between the physical world and the spiritual realms. Not everything we experience in dreams makes sense to us when we wake up. In a dream world, angels often serve as go-betweens between deceased loved ones and the living. They may also show us glimpses of a future which has not yet taken shape or a past we’ve forgotten. If you are someone who dreams vividly, consider keeping a bedside diary to find patterns in your nighttime visions.

          Not all angelic communication is vague or undefined. Once you have learned to focus spiritually, the angels’ voices will become clearer. Another way by which they speak with us is channeling, a more direct form of communication. There are different tools we can use for these purposes. Some psychics use crystals, some may prefer Tarot or Oracle cards, and still others may be ink or tea leaf readers. The common theme among these practices is to allow the angel(s) to speak through us. We are the interpreters, not the messengers. The word “angel” itself comes from the ancient Greek word for “messenger,” which should tell you a lot!

          Angels make it their mission to give us hope, light, and guidance through life. You don’t have to have any special talent to hear their voices. If you’ve never stopped to truly listen, start doing that. You will start seeing and hearing your angels as they whisper their eternal wisdom to you, whether you are asleep or awake!

Author: Mystic Shelley

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