Regg is a natural Empath, Psychic and Medium that enjoys being of service to his clients and peers. The services that Regg provides ranges from Psychic Soul Readings, Psychic Email Readings, Mediumship Sessions, Oracle Card Readings and Intuitive Personal and Professional Guidance Sessions (Please inquire directly for Professional Guidance Sessions). These services can be communicated by voice to video or phone conversations, zoom video conferences, chat services, email psychic correspondence and discovering my Signs of Ascending Website. Regg has recognized his calling and identified where he can make a difference with his natural abilities . The creation of his website ( provides a community portal for sharing your ideas on transcommunication, intuitive self discovery, receiving both psychic and mediumship messages and opening your consciousness to discover what is seen and unseen through signs, symbols, patterns and perceptions. Regg Evans has been double blind tested, background check, vetted and validated through Shay Parker Best American Psychic and Bob Olson Best Psychic Directory. Regg is also a standing member and student with Spiritualist National Union. During your session with Regg, the intention and space is created to honor your time together by exploring your path, uncovering roadblocks, discussing relationships and professional concerns, opening your heart & mind to the sign and symbols around you. Schedule your session by Phone, Zoom, Chat and Email. I am also available for Immediate Readings (Click4Advisor) where you can request any of my services. Sessions( Phone, Video, Chat and Email Questions) Can also be scheduled with Regg to accommodate your schedule, Simply submit a schedule request or email. All Clients are welcome from any location. Be ready to be received with open arms and a grateful heart!