Awakening Souls

Awakening Souls

Embracing Change and Spiritual Growth in a Post-Pandemic World

Welcome to the Party!

I really try to pay attention to what I see around me, especially when I attend Psychic Fairs and Expos around the Midwest.

Observations from the Midwest

Over the last nearly a year, I’ve noticed a wonderful, incredible number of people who are realizing that there’s way more to them than they once believed.

People of every age and description who have realized the call to a more spiritual life, to explore the many gifts of spirit that are already within them, to become attuned to one healing modality or another.  To live more in alignment with who they really are and to cast aside old programming and old beliefs that are not valid in their life going forward.

Pandemic Reflections

What I find to be incredibly exciting is the impact that I can see these people having going forward. But beyond that, I see the joy, satisfaction, and excitement on their faces around what is unfolding within them.

And while I certainly can’t know the catalyst for each of these people, I can guess. I believe that COVID-19 could have played a fairly important role for them.

It seems like there were many people who, either voluntarily or under direction, found themselves isolating at home, working from home, and perhaps having the time to actually take a look at what was going on in their lives for the 1st time.

Many of these same people very likely kept themselves so incredibly busy in their day-to-day lives that there was never any time for that deep dive into who they truly are, what they are here to do, and what they might need or want to do to live more in alignment with the incredible soul that they already are.

Embracing Change

So, for me, the various forms of tragedy that were also a byproduct of the pandemic are somewhat offset when I witness the forward motion that it very likely fueled.

It seems that we’re very much on the brink of some incredible change, upgrades, and, hopefully, some massive reconfiguring of so many parts of our country and world that no longer function in a satisfactory way. These people who are stepping into their truth, power, and purpose are needed to usher in the wonderful changes that have been on the horizon for far too long.

Celebrating New Seekers

While there appears to be a huge number of new seekers, it also seems as if another equally huge group of people who have been seekers for a very long time but undercover are coming out into the open and wearing it proudly. This is also wonderful news.

Collective Evolution

As I write this, like every time I write anything, I ask myself: What is my purpose in writing? What am I trying to say? The answer I found for this piece is to affirm and congratulate those who have come out of their spiritual closets, warmly welcome all those who are newly expanding, encourage everyone to share what they know, uplift when they can, and hold an image of peace, joy, and light around every situation and circumstance.


Together, we can shape the future and create the world we want to live and thrive in.


Author: Eric Webster

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