BAP 2021 Awesome Accolades Award Winner

BAP 2021 Awesome Accolades Award Winner

The 2021 Recipient of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics Awesome Accolades Award is Jeanne Crescenzo. Jeanne is a long-time, valuable member of our team. She has a highly compassionate and willing spirit. She is always at the ready to lend a helping hand and has a true to desire to bring peace and healing to, not only her clients, but to her peers as well.

Best American Psychics has called on Jeanne frequently to offer her services and her expertise without charge, and she has enthusiastically done so. She has appeared as an Expert Guest on Metaphysical Minds and as a featured blogger on the BAP Blog.

As a professional, Jeanne offers several services to her clients. She is a medium/channel, outstanding healer, teacher, and artist. She works with the Akashic Records, Angelic Realm, and Ascended Masters. At a young age, Jeanne was aware of her gifts and claims it got to the point that they could not be ignored. We are so glad that she no longer ignored them, and that spirit was insistent, because we and our clients have benefited greatly.

Jeanne has built her practice to include all her services, classes, and products. She even has a Soul Star Mastery Program. Clients are always complimentary about her work, healing, and teaching.

We would like to offer our congratulations to Jeanne on this award! Please see the links below for how to book a reading or learn more.

Links for Jeanne:

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