BAP 2021 Psychic of the Year Award Winner

BAP 2021 Psychic of the Year Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics is pleased to award our 2021 Psychic of the Year Award to Nancy Smith. Nancy also won our Social Activism Award in 2020 as well as Psychic of the Week and Psychic of the Month a few times, so she is a repeat award winner!

Nancy is an accomplished psychic medium, teacher, akashic record reader and spirit artist, as well as author. She is a Featured Blogger for BAP and has been a regular guest on Metaphysical Minds. Nancy is active in the metaphysical community and has a passion for her work. In addition, she has her own internet radio show (Angelscapes with Nancy Smith airs Tuesdays at 8PM) where she offers her expertise on topics with the bonus of free readings to the public.

Best American Psychics is proud to have Nancy as a member. She is a willing team member and works extremely well with her peers. We know her to be a true professional and respect the effort she has put into continued training, hours of service, and personal spiritual growth in order to serve her clients to the best.

Nancy’s relationship and ability to connect with the Akashic Records brings a special skill and perspective to her work. She uses her mediumship and channeling to bring peace to her clients. Her spirit artist gifts are an added bonus and just another form of evidence for those struggling with loss. Sometimes it is difficult for us to believe that there is a true connection to the other side and that our loved ones are still with us. Nancy’s drawings help this process along, and therefore bring closure and healing to those stuck in grief.

If you are interested in any of her books, you can find them here:

Nancy has been with BAP since 2015 and has shown us every step of the way that she is a solid choice for Psychic of the Year!

You can find Nancy on our Immediate Readings page, on her radio program, and you can book a session with her through her profile page on the site. All her links are below.

Links for Nancy Smith:

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