Before You Hire a Psychic Medium – Part One

Before You Hire a Psychic Medium – Part One

I remember when I first started as a Psychic Medium, a client (I’ll call her Kim) came in to see me. She wanted to inquire about her love life, but she appeared nervous, perhaps a little too nervous. As I do with all first time clients, I asked if she had ever had a reading. Kim told me that she had visited a Psychic a few years back. She found the Psychic on a street corner and decided to go in and have a reading. It had been Kim’s first time doing anything like this and, initially, she felt the session seemed to go well. The Psychic immediately picked up on a couple of details and Kim was hooked! However, later in the session, Kim was told that she had a spell placed on her. This “spell” was cast so love would elude Kim. Playing on her emotions, this Psychic offered to “remove” the spell, so true love would come. All for an additional fee of course, a substantial one.

A few years and hundreds of dollars later, Kim still had not met her soul mate. Kim was heartbroken. She could not understand what she had done wrong, why she was still single and even started to wonder if she had more spells placed on her. Kim wanted to know why the love of her life had not yet come. Yikes!

This is one of the most heartbreaking situations that I have encountered in our business. It’s heartbreaking because a betrayal like this is harmful for a person’s psyche and soul, not to mention the financial impact. It’s also heartbreaking for our industry. Even though our industry is not governed, it is filled with compassionate professionals like myself that actually care for our clients and our intention is to help people who are in need. Many of us have been through our own healing journey and we wish to help others with theirs. This is what our work is about.

A reading should leave you feeling empowered, help you feel like you can take a step in the right direction or with a sense of peace. Even if you receive an answer you do not like or want to hear. If you have a Medium Reading, you should feel like you had a connection with your loved ones in Spirit. Most of the messages should also make sense to you. But you should never walk away from a reading feeling afraid or forced into seeing the Psychic again. Never! 

So, how can you avoid being scammed like Kim? What do you look for when you are in need of a professional Medium or Psychic?

First step is to learn what type of reading service you wish to book and the difference in these services. For example, a Medium Reading is different from a Psychic Reading and each Reader will have their own style. Learning some of these details first, can help narrow down your search pretty quickly. We will discuss later in the series the difference in readings and what to expect with each one, so you are not taken advantage of.

Once you have decided on the type of reading you wish to have, the next thing to do is look for an ethical and reputable Medium or Psychic. The best way to start your search is to get referrals from friends or family. If you can’t get a referral, perform a Google search and look for organizations that blind test and screen the readers they list on their directories. Search websites of well known Psychic Mediums and other Healers that you admire. Some provide a list of professionals they recommend if they have a long wait for their services. Research grief or bereavement groups that offer a list of Mediums that they trust.

You will find that the Mediums and Psychics who have integrity and are ethical will be transparent and will have a way for you to reach them, usually through a website. You should see some of the following details listed:

  • Services Offered
  • Prices That Are Clearly Listed
  • Credentials: Certifications and/or Education Related to the Services They Provide
  • Organizations They are Associated With or Provide Services For
  • Testimonials with Actual Names and Cities Listed
  • Contact Information 

If, in your search, you do find a professional Psychic or Medium that you do feel connected with, learn more about them prior to scheduling an appointment by reading the information on their website. This is sacred work for us, so it’s important that you feel like you trust the process and you have an understanding of how we work. This ensures the best experience possible with your session. If anything feels off in your research, find another Reader to work with. But if you’ve done your homework properly, you should be able to find a reputable Medium or Psychic to work with and avoid being scammed.

In part two, we will start to look at the different types of readings and how to identify when you are being taken advantage of and what you can do if that happens.

Cate Coffelt is an award winning Evidential Medium and Psychic and can be reached at

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