Before You Hire A Psychic Medium – Part Three

Before You Hire A Psychic Medium – Part Three

Are you looking for a good Psychic or Animal Communicator? One thing to know is that with a Psychic or Animal Communication Reading, a good Reader will tune into your energy or that of your living pet and be able to give you validations and either provide you intuitive guidance or
answers for your questions. But this doesn’t mean we know EVERYTHING about you or your pet! We tune into your energy and like a radio receiver, we pick up pieces of information. Psychic readings should help you feel empowered or provide you with information that will help you. Some Psychics offer predictions, while others offer more life guidance using their intuition. Some use tools like Tarot or Oracle Cards to assist them, while many Readers use no tools during a reading. Which type of Psychic is best for you? It’s about what style you prefer and what you are comfortable with.

But what happens if you feel the reading is off? Or something isn’t quite right?

In Part Two of my “Before You Hire a Psychic Medium”, we learned about Medium readings and how to recognize when you are in a situation where you are being taken advantage of or even involved in a scam. So how does this look different with a Psychic Reading?

First of all, just as with a Medium Reading, you will want to make sure the Psychic is giving you validations and details that make sense to you. The details do not have to be 100% accurate, but you should be able to understand most of the information they are sharing. Also, are they
asking you a lot of leading questions, like I discussed in Part Two of my series? If so, stop the reading and walk away. If they are using cards, pay attention to see if they are reading the descriptions of the cards or if they are also using their intuition. As long as you feel that the reading is helping you, this is a good sign that you are with an ethical Psychic.

But if you start to feel something like something isn’t right, pay attention. Again, the Psychic should never scare you during the reading. You should also never walk away from a reading feeling like there is no hope for your situation. You may not receive the answer you want, but you should receive some information that will help you heal, empower you or help identify how you can overcome any obstacles that may be getting in your way.

If a Psychic starts to share negative information with you and suggests that they can help you for more money, pay attention. Sometimes a Reader may initially get you in for a session for a really low price, but you may find them telling you that you need to come back and it will usually be for a good amount of extra money. An unethical Psychic may start small at first, but they will keep you in fear and have you coming back for different types of services, promising you that you will be one step closer to the outcome you’re trying to achieve. They may even blame you if you don’t see the results that you had been promised. If you start to notice a pattern similar to this, cut the cord! An ethical Psychic will advise and prefer that you take weeks or months before booking another session.

One thing you can do to ensure that you find a reputable Psychic is to do your homework as I stated in Part One of my series. Also, it’s best not to be in a hurry to find a Psychic! An impulsive choice can lead to a poor outcome. However, if you find yourself with an urgent need for some quick advice, look for organizations that screen and tests their Psychics. You may want to search for Psychics and Mediums who continue their education in addition to having been on their own healing journeys. Seek referrals. Empower yourself so you can trust the Psychic you are with, avoid getting scammed and walk away with a wonderful reading!

In Part Four, we will look at how to find the best Psychic Medium for you, and the steps you can take so you can experience a great reading!

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