Best American Psychics: It’s Not Just a Clever Name

May 27 2016

Best American Psychics: It’s Not Just a Clever Name

Why We’re Proud to be America’s Top Psychic Provider

With the most recent popularity of virtually anything remotely related to spirituality, psychic directories have been under an increasing amount of pressure to deliver quality services. Not because other providers are offering their own competitive edge but are actually tarnishing the reputation of ethical psychics due to their misleading business models.

This has caused many members in the spiritual community to doubt the effectiveness of psychic readings as a whole.

Best American Psychics (BAP) goes above and beyond to exceed our client’s expectations and offer compassionate care with accurate results. But really, what separates our platform from other so-called top psychics available?

Test Limits to Assure Accurate Psychics:

The 21st century has made the allure of being a psychic very accessible for most. It really doesn’t take much to find answers and solutions for people if one knows how to effectively utilize technology. We make sure that when we recruit our psychics, that they undergo a thorough evaluation process. This consists of separate test readings over the phone where we examine the authenticity of a candidate’s gift.

Through our carefully created reading and evaluation process, we are able to verify whether or not a potential psychic is the real deal. We conduct this evaluation twice, but we don’t stop there. We also conduct a full interview and other due diligence measures to assure only the best become a member of our psychic directory.

Dig Deep into their Ethics:

We’re not the type to hold anybody’s past against them, but when it comes to having a criminal record for fraudulently impersonating a real psychic or intentionally scamming someone, we have no tolerance for such behavior. Our network of psychic readers did not pick this line of work. Rather, it was given to them since birth.

Shay Parker founded this association with the vision of connecting and collaborating with only the most dedicated and top picks of the litter. This is why BAP launches an extensive background check, not only for our own ease of mind but for the well-being of clients that seek solutions.

Our Psychics Don’t Just Talk the Talk:

All of our members have verified references that they have either worked with in the past or presently still partner with. Truth be told, references only hold so much water but it is the credibility of these sources that keeps them afloat. That’s why many of our psychics work hand in hand with law enforcement to assist in criminal investigations and bring suspects to justice. We have had even the most skeptical officials in the justice system be blown away by the accuracy and usefulness from members in our psychic directory.

Our community of psychics is the mold that binds the team together and we cannot permit any disparities in growth. Although BAP is technically a business that depends on people willing to compensate us for our services, we aim to strike the fine balance between consciousness and commerce.

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