Social Distancing and Self-Discovery

Part 3: Using Chaos for Change Do you know how a catalytic converter works?  It basically takes a substance, connects it with another substance and, in a dramatic chemical reaction, creates a third more useful (or at least tolerable) substance. It basically takes something bad and converts it into something good or at least neutral. […]

Social Distancing And Self-Discovery

Part 2: Opportunity Knocks Social distancing and the current pandemic appear to have taken many things away from us. We feel as if we’ve had the social and financial rug pulled right out from underneath of us, and in a way we have.  Any time we have swift, dramatic, and drastic change we immediately tend […]

Social Distancing and Self-Discovery

Part 1: Toddlers to Teens Recently I have had friends and clients tell me that their children, especially teens, are really struggling with the social changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and are now experiencing symptoms of depression and mood disorders. This got me wondering why. What I discovered was this… With the change in […]

Finding 7th Heaven

The progression of a soul in heaven! In the book Universal Spiritualism: Spirit Communion in All Ages Among All Nations, WJ Colville describes the levels or layers of heaven. In chapter 19 of this book, The Spirit World—as seen and Described by One Who has Visited It Frequently, Colville speak about the writings of Charles […]

Your Soul’s Progression

Our Spirit Continues after death, we all go to Heaven! God saw everything that God had made, and indeed, it was very good. —(Gen. 1:31) “The heavens are telling the glory of God;And the firmament proclaimsThe divine handiwork….In the heavens God has set a tentfor the sun, which comes out like a bridegroomfrom his wedding […]

Before You Hire a Psychic Medium – Part Four

In Parts Three and Four of my series, we looked at the difference between a Medium and a Psychic reading and how you can recognize if you are potentially being scammed. We also have looked at ways to find an ethical Medium or Psychic. So how do you be sure to have the best reading […]

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