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Soul Mates & Life Partners…What’s the Difference?

The topic of soulmates often comes up during spiritual sessions. Clients usually emerge after a relationship that held so much promise ends abruptly. They are then left wondering what actually happened. To their own recollection, there were no signs of trouble in paradise; just a seemingly blissful relationship that felt magnetic, familiar, and perfect for them at the time.

When I look at these situations psychically and view not only the pain of the client but also the pain and mutual confusion shared by their former partner, the answer becomes clear.

They were not meant to be life partners & soulmates. They were meant to be soul mates for a time.

Upon delivering this information clients will often question the validity of the statement and want to know more.

As the session progresses, I explain that soulmates are anyone and everyone who stretches our soul, teaches us lessons, and helps us grow spiritually. They can be romantic in nature or strictly platonic. Friends, family, co-workers, and yes, even pets can be our soulmates. Why? Because their presence stimulates spiritual growth by changing the way we look at the world and deepening our capacity for love, forgiveness, and healing.

There are soulmates who are meant to be with us for a short time because they have a very specific lesson to teach us. This is quite common when we look at romantic partnerships that only last the spring or summer. In many cases, the purpose is to teach us how to have fun, enjoy life, and not cling so tightly to what we think the ideal outcome should be.

However, as the relationship is clearly coming to a close, both parties may try to prolong the experience while simultaneously watching it fall apart. The truth is, it was meant to dissolve because lessons have been dispensed and now it is time to learn them, accept them, and move on to the next chapter of life.

That brings me to the subject of life partners. Life partners are soul mates but with a twist. Their purpose is to build a life with us that helps stretch and grow our souls over time. Their soul mission is intertwined with our own and by the sheer nature of that fact, they stick around for the long haul. For example, life partners often marry or opt to have very long term relationships with each other. In many cases they also raise children (biological or otherwise) and build businesses together.

Those experiences not only build a life, they grow the soul by teaching patience, commitment, and unconditional love. The souls involved choose that specific path because it is the most effective way to learn the spiritual lessons they need within the span of their lifetime.

It is important to remember that no matter how things may appear we are guided by the soul and if we watch closely, it will lead the way.


Nicole Bowman is a Psychic, Medium, and Intuitive Artist. She gives readings for the soul, writes books, creates original music and travels internationally for spiritual growth. She is committed to helping people heal, thrive and enjoy their lives. Always remember to live your light, live your bliss, and love yourself! For readings, radio, and more, visit her here Nicole Bowman.

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Intuition VS. Wishful Thinking

Sometimes, I connect with clients who insist their intuition is urging them to go down a particular path. When I look at it psychically and see the opposite they are often confused. During those moments I take some time to explain the difference between an intuitive hit and wishful thinking. I’d like to share some of this with you too!

The main difference between wishful thinking & intuitive insight is how we feel while receiving the information. Often, genuine guidance produces a settled, still sensation in the body. Whereas, wishful thinking often creates an antsy, tense sensation in the physical body.

Additionally, intuitive information is usually devoid of emotion. This is because it comes from the soulful part of us that sees the deeper meaning in what we’re experiencing. The eternal side of us is not scared, anxious, or judgmental about the outcome.

However, wishful thinking is usually full emotion and/or judgments. We may put people on pedestals, fantasize about a special relationship, or day dream about fearful outcomes and experiences. Intuition settles us down. Wishful thinking winds us up.

The Heart Test

Try this, put your hand on your heart and breath. Then, say a statement out loud that you know is fact. It could be your given name or current address. Listen to how your body responds as you state this information. Now, shake your hands out a bit and put the same hand back on your chest. Breathe. Make a statement that you know is not true. See how your body responds. Chances are you will feel a marked difference between the true & false statements.

The Childhood Wisdom Test

If you are having great difficulty trusting your intuition it helps to travel back to a place in time where your intuition felt stronger than it does now. I recommend going back to childhood in your mind. Take a moment to close your eyes and think back to the age where you had in faith in your inner knowing.

Once you have the age in mind, begin to think back to a time in childhood where you had a strong sense that a path or decision was right for you. It is important to note that is path can be anything from knowing that a certain class or sport was important for you, to realizing you needed to stay away from a particular person.

Once you have it, begin to recall what the sensation felt like in your body. Were you confident or at peace? Did you experience clarity? Did you just know it was the right thing to do? Allow yourself to sit with that for a moment and when you are ready shake your hands out, release the memory and slowly open your eyes.

What you just experienced is how you receive accurate, intuitive information. Now, in your adult life, you can use this technique to make sound decisions about the things that are most important to you.


Nicole Bowman is a professional psychic readers, Medium, and Intuitive Artist. She gives readings for the soul, writes books, creates original music and travels internationally for spiritual growth. She is committed to helping people heal, thrive and enjoy their lives. Always remember to live your light, live your bliss, and love yourself!

For links to readings, videos, & messages from spirit connect here: Nicole Bowman

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Enter to Win!

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Did you hear?

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics will offer a Psychic Reading Discount Special sometime in May, June, or July, 2018. AND – We’re looking for an intuitive winner! If you can guess the date of our special, you will be that person.

The first person that submits the closest date to the planned special wins a FREE 30-minute reading with a volunteer professional Psychic chosen by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics. 

Please visit this link for the official entry form: Guess the Date Contest

This is one special treat, as you will receive the opportunity to read with one of the best. All of our psychics are tested, interviewed, checked, and vetted. We work diligently to take the work out of finding an appropriate psychic advisor. But, being tested isn’t enough. They must be ethical and trusted, as well as professional. We take our commitment to this business seriously and our team holds to a certain set of standards.

They are those that are naturally gifted, but also seek additional training and practice to ensure that they provide the best to you. Many of our team are consulted by corporations, law enforcement, and doctors for their insight.

Do you trust your intuition? We all have it. It is just a muscle we need to use. So, here is your chance – make your best guess and enter today. Submissions due to April 30, 2018.

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Thoughts on the Spiritual Life

Culture - ArtIt is late afternoon as I write this. I am in Bucharest, Romania preparing for a day of readings. Light streams through my window as the distant chatter of neighbors slyly beckons me outside. I resist the urge to join them but listen for the infectious laughter of school children returning from a day of studies. A chorus of voices rise & fall as the gentle hum of a car passes by. Laughter reaches a fever pitch as conversations begin to wrap up. Slowly, their voices begin to fade. I listen intently as neighbors say goodbye & make their way inside for the evening.

It’s quiet now and the room is still.

My spirit soaks up the moment and my eyes land on an empty page.

What is the spiritual life?

I ponder that question as my mind drifts back to 5 years before. I had just begun my pilgrimage. The first destination was Italy. At the time, I didn’t know what I was searching for. I simply knew I had to travel. I can remember being uncertain but overall determined. I knew I was there for something special, but the details were unclear.

So, I allowed my soul to carry me, somewhat blindly through the busy streets of Milan, the green hills of Trieste, and into the gentle heart of Florence; birth place of the Italian Renaissance and the charming city where I would ultimately stay (off and on) for the next five years.

Funny, that I am now in Bucharest but my mind travels back to a night in Florence that doesn’t seem so spiritual at all. I went out with my friends from Italian class and we danced like crazy, ate insane amounts of junk food and talked well into the morning before making our way home.

I remember waking to a series of texts recounting the night before. Laughter escaped my lips as I reflected on the guy who kissed me and the pizza stains on my favorite dress. Groggy but satisfied, I stumbled into the kitchen, made an espresso and ruminated on the day ahead.

This was the spiritual life.

Years before, it seemed being spiritual was all yoga, drumming circles, kombucha & meditation.

I suppose it can also be those things.

However, my travels have taught me that spirituality is not about doing all the things you think should do. It is more about how you live your life, what you believe and how your words, thoughts and deeds line up. It’s about following the heart, listening to your intuition, and allowing that internal compass to guide you.

Spirituality is balance & harmony. Everything has a time and place. There are nights where you’ll dance until you drop and mornings where all you want to do is pray. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just live it up, have fun, and love deeply. What you’ll create is the soul-filled mosaic of a beautiful life.


Nicole Bowman is a Psychic, Medium, and Intuitive Artist. She gives readings for the soul, writes books, creates original music and travels internationally for spiritual growth. She is committed to helping people heal, thrive and enjoy their lives. Always remember to live your light, live your bliss, and love yourself! Please visit her at Nicole Bowman.

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False Starts

Is it difficult for you to believe in the power of manifestation and positive thoughts? Have you tried implementing this approach to life and goals only to find yourself confused and questioning?

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we focus on our goals, put all the manifesting tools into play, and receive signs and messages that seem like validation. We become excited and feel like the path is opening for us and suddenly it all goes out the window. We hit what feels like a brick wall. How and why does this happen? How do we respond to it? How can we keep from feeling duped?

Here are some thoughts on the matter from Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics member: Psychic Medium Bob Kenney:

“Spirit often speaks about how to create the life you want by having faith that it is already the life you now have. By feeling and thinking this way, you manifest in the physical world the things you desire. During this process, one sometimes experiences “false starts” where one feels they are close to their goal and then the goal slips through their hands. Should you experience a “false start”, please look at it as an indication that you are on the right track and will soon reach your goal instead of “this does not work”. Faith is the key to how prayers are answered.

Spirit councils me that having faith that one will succeed in a goal or objective is a least as important as all the effort applied toward it. My experiences have shown this statement to be valuable.”

We think these words from Bob go a long way in clearing up this confusion. For more insightful tips and musings from Bob Kenney, be sure to visit his facebook page, where he shares wisdom from his guides and spirit. Visit his profile to find his social links and also to learn more about how to book a reading with this award winning advisor.Bob Kenney

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$10 for 10 Minutes Reading Special

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Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics invites you to a special event: Share the Love Special. On Feb 13th and 14th, 2018, select members of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics will be offering a 10 Minutes for $10.00 reading special. Clients will need to search for those advisors offering the discounted rate and call for their $10 reading.

Although we are offering this as a Valentine’s Day special, and you are encouraged to call with all your love and relationship questions, you are not limited to matters of the heart. You may ask any question that may be weighing on you. This is a wonderful way to see what may lie ahead for you in 2018. If you are seeking help from your angels and/or guides, ask away.

PLEASE NOTE: This special is only for a ten minute reading, so the advisor will be timing the reading and will be cutting off at the 10 minute mark. We hope you take advantage of this reading special and the opportunity to experience a reading with one or several of our awesome team of psychics and advisors. Remember, each one of them is tested and interviewed on an individual basis and must be approved for invitation to our directory. They can speak with you about love, career, finance, business, past lives, animal communication, spirit communication and more. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get a reading from one of the best of the best!

Visit on Feb 13th or 14th and look for the special $1.00 per minute rate!

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2017 BAP Psychic of the Year Award Winner

Michelle Beltran is named as the 2017 Psychic of the Year for Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics. Michelle has been a contributing team member for over 4 years. Her feedback has always been outstanding. She won our Fabulous Feedback Award in 2014 and has been a Hollywood Gift Basket Reader. Her list of credentials is long. We value her as team member and her work to serve Spirit. Michelle has graced the cover of OM Times Magazine, is the author of Take the Leap: What is Really Means to be Psychic, is the host of the iTunes podcast The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice, is a contributing author to three spiritual magazines, and a team member of where she uses her gifts to locate missing persons. We are especially proud of her work with the missing persons as it is a fine example of how these special gifts are used for good.

Michelle is a highly sought after reader. Her accuracy and professionalism speak volumes and attract clients from all walks of life. She works as a psychic medium and intuitive life coach. She hopes to bring peace and change to individuals, thereby bringing peace and change to the world.

We feel blessed to have her as a member of our group and are pleased to offer her this award.

Links for Michelle:

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2017 BAP Social Activism Award Winner

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics 2017 Social Activism Award goes to Apryl Nicole, Psychic Medium. It is common and routine for Apryl Nicole to offer her gifts for charitable causes. She regularly hosts charitable events, donating the proceeds to the specific cause. Some of these have included Hope for Horses, Ashlynn’s Road to Recovery, Comfort Zone Camp and more.

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics often calls on their members to assist in contributing for a charity in need. Apryl Nicole has been consistently quick to respond to this call and offer her services or funds. We are proud to have a team that is aware of a need in this world and that is willing to assist in any way that they can. We are also so happy to offer this award to one of our own BAP heroes, Apryl Nicole.

Apryl Nicole is a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator. Please look her up and follow her events, so that you can be a part of the spirit of giving.

Links for Apryl Nicole:


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2017 BAP Awesome Accolades Award Winner

Susan Schueler is the 2017 Recipient of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics Awesome Accolades Award. Since becoming a part of our team, Susan has embodied the term Best American Psychic. She has all the checks in place for a true professional in this field. In addition, Susan is committed to her own continuing education and practice. She keeps her skills strong by putting them to the test through training and improvement. She schedules personal readings as well as numerous events that offer her gifts to larger groups.

Susan is an integral part of our team and a group participant. She is a positive force and supportive colleague. We are always happy to see her smile and hear her wise words.

We are also proud of Susan for her consistent, positive feedback. Her clients feel she is down to earth and thoroughly enjoy their readings with her.

Links for Susan:

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2017 BAP Fabulous Feedback Award Winner

2017 brings another honor to Deborah Livingston as the BAP Fabulous Feedback Award Winner. Deborah has again received a remarkable number of favorable reviews and testimonials. She is an accomplished psychic medium and animal communicator known for her direct approach and amazingly accurate details. Those that leave reviews are blown away by the gifts they receive from a reading with her. Here is one excerpt from a recent mediumship reading review. “She made me feel like I was skyping with a family member just sitting back and sharing family memories!”

Deborah continues her professional training and certification to improve and become credentialed in her field. Although she is naturally gifted, it is important to her to maintain her knowledge and give only the best of herself through the services she provides. She also limits the number of mediumship readings she will provide to a single client during a year in an effort to keep within the bounds of her ethics.

Deborah is Hollywood Gift Basket Reader, 6th Sense and Beyond Guest, Author, and more. She is available upon request for private sittings, group or family sittings special event demonstrations, and galleries for fund raisers and charities.

Links for Deborah:

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